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12Questions/DaveGrayBringing new things into the world 
12Questions/JayStandishStay in love. Whatever I'm doing, if I'm doing it out of a sense of love, where I'm happy to be here, and feel activated by what I'm doing, then I have a lot of energy and creativity to offer, and that also inspires other people when there is a culture that is happy and appreciative of each other.What does it feel like to be another person?
AbdElsalamHManasraIf you are with God, then God is with all of usWhy do we give the Western world what is good (science, chemistry, algebra,...) and they give us what is bad (bombs, AIDS, nuclear weapons,...)
AbdullahHakawatiSadiq, to behave truthfullyWhat are the checkpoints doing?
AbinelEmmanuelTo Educate and Change life through MusicHow can i grow as a musician?
AdamGlickmanInfluencing and cross-pollinatingHow could we spin the collaboration effort of the Bay area out to a worldwide capability of working together?
AgniNaiduIndividuality that supports friendship and vice versa.What is beyond quasars?
AkiHashmiChange the world, don't accept things as they areIs there God?
AlbertHorowitzRealization that we're all one and connected and somehow have to help each other and so what matters are the friendships you create as you go along. Friends and family and when I wake up in the morning I want to continue the day and I don't want ... to because it is who I am.Why are people cruel to each other? What creates the want, need, atmosphere to flesh out the anger against countries or people?
AlexanderBaumgardtHuman relationshipsHow much of life can be systemical?
AlexanderHorowitzrealization that we're all one and connected and somehow we have to help each other and so what matters are the friendships you create as you go along - friends and family and when I wake up in the morning I want to continue the day and I don't want to end because it is who I amWhy are people cruel to each other?
AlexanderZolotarevHarmony with yourself 
AlfredMorhammerA free and fulfilled life for all of us through understanding and consciousnessWhat is reality? Is it real and true or just an illusionary concept?
AlgisCibulskisEvolutionOfInteraction (bendravimoraida)K=C4=85 a=C5=A1 turiu daryti, kad panaudo=C4=8Diau savo savybes, kad bendravimas b=C5=ABt=C5=B3 vaisingas? What must I do to apply my talents for fruitful interaction?
AliAbdolrezaeiBe human. 
AliAskerOzPeaceful agreementWhere is God?
AliceWathikaGiving a helping hand in any way I can. 
AllanLundellSharing my engagement of lifeHow can we improve the quality of communication with those who have died?
AlvaroDuarteDeOliveiraSolving the needs of other peopleHow can we help in a sustainable way?
AlvaroFernandezCreative positve impactHow do I prioritize my questions?
AmadoRamirezLeyvaDiversidad c=C3=B2mo la suma de identidad, y identidad es saber quien es cualquier ser, humano o nonhumano. Diversity as the sum of identity, and identity as knowing oneself, whether human or nonhuman.C=C3=B2mo construimos el mundo del futuro? y que mondo queremos? What world do we desire and how do we create it?
AmandaJagermanSharing what I am aware ofWhat are the most effective ways to achieve your goals?
AmandaRobertsPositivity breeds positivity 
AmiIsseroffEnsuring the future for my familyHow do we find out what the Jewish population of Israel, the Arab population of Israel, and the Palestinian population really want? How do we satisfy them?
AnaIlicBelieving. What pushes us up to be better even when the world is bad to us.How can we explain who I am and why am I I ?
AndalBasquezDon't do to others what you would not want them to do to you. - Ne fais pas a autrui ce que tu ne voudrair pas que l'on te fasse. Ceci est la Torah, le reste n'est que commentaire. Rabbi Hillel 
AndrewAgutuTo have our handcrafts and arts products marketed online and have a centre where we can sensitize our community to the value of arts.How online promotion can make us have customers as Samwel usually tells us?
AndrewDanOtedoLove conquers all 
AndrewRondeauFreedom, the ability to live as God created me.How do you get freedom?
AndriusKulikauskasLivingByTruthHow does knowledge of everything unfold? in all its details?
AndriusTautaviciusBeing true. S=C4=85=C5=BEiningumas.How to be true to myself? Kaip i=C5=A1likti s=C4=85=C5=BEiningu pa=C4=8Diu su savimi?
AndyBroomfieldMaking tech, services and systems connect better with people 
AndyHarrisWholehearted passionWhat can I achieve?
AndyLawHuman rights in the workplace 
AngeleRudzianskaite=C5=BDmogaus meil=C4=97 =C5=BEmoguiKaip pajusti kiek pagalbos i=C5=A1 tav=C4=99s reikia kitam =C5=BEmogui?
AngelikiVessalaBeing surrounded by people I like 
AniaDymarczykListening to God and not hurting othersHow can I go the right way and not confuse myself with my decision making?
AnilGuptaAuthenticityGiven the increasing alienization of society, why are the young people not connecting enough to the roots?
AnitaGousmanThings happen for a reason: God closes one door and opens another.What is my purpose? What does God see that I don't see?
AnkiTonerSelfishness should not be a winning strategy. 
AnnaStellaLoewenbergLiving Life One Hundred Percent. Das Leben selbst! Ich will in jedem Moment voll und ganz leben, intensiv, 100% - ich m=C3=B6chte ganz und gar in der Existenz sein, m=C3=B6chte Existenz sein. 
AnneChristineDadeskyJusticeHow am I going to succeed in what I need to do?
AnneStallybrassPlanetaryAwakeningHow to get a forum that holds the energy that we experience at BeTheChange conferences to work?
AnneWirstadFaith that something helps us along 
AnnemiekNieborgMaking room in my self for God to shine through 
AnneroseMuehlmannVisualizingSoPeopleCanUnderstandIs there a universal method to bring a vision down to earth to make it practical?
AnnetteLeebEveryone has to bring in something valuable. Ask, give opportunity, time, show interest - and - in my experience - there will come up an absolutly unique point of view, which only these person is able to create, to communicate, to share. Doesn't matter how old or educated people are. So, never allow whom ever to distroy this inner natural curiosity e.g. kids express when they are on their way to understand what world is or is meant to be. Or the inner child, when it appears to say hello.Is it possible to re-find, re-create, to re-discover an inner self, a structure, kind of movement which includes the essential coordinates of me, of someone else, of may be every being or creature? Is there a melody which can not only be heard by dragons (perhaps you know, that these oldest of all creatures are able to hear the hidden musik of everything, not only of gold), but also by me - if not in this life, may be in a next one?
AnnetteSchlemmRecognizeTheEssenceOfTheWorld, Erkennen, was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhaelt.What are the methods of thinking about the essence of the world?
AnthonyDiazLive doing what I love, using my talents to empower people in different fieldsWhat is the reason for existence?
AnthonyJudge How do you create institutions which are self-reflective?
AntoniaMoroLoveWhy are relations between people and nations so often driven by power so that it's very rare for something different to happen?
ArthurBaskinWholth (God) 
ArthurSpieglerLife: Life Force in the UniverseWhat is a thought?
ArturasGabrijolaviciusHarmony of life. Gyvenimo harmonija.Why does the immune system grow old? Kaip suma=C5=BEinti savo energijos s=C4=85naudas gyvenime?
AsifDayato try and give back and give access to the resources that we have, especially access to ProblemBasedEducationWhat are the needs in different regions of Africa? How can we provide the resources to meet these needs?
Audron=C4=97Anu=C5=A1auskien=C4=97CaringEverMoreBroadly - (R=C5=ABpintisVisPla=C4=8Diau - R=C5=ABpintis visuomene ir tauta)Kaip =C4=AFveikti priklausomyb=C4=99 nuo pinig=C5=B3?
AugustinoMatundaMy country being a big nation or state just like other countries 
AwneAbuzantMaking myself the person that I want to be.What are the steps that I should take so that I can be the person that I would like to be in the future?
AzizBukhariLove of God regardless of what he is like so that I may worship him.How do people who create guns and weapons to destroy and kill people sleep, eat, love their family and have inner peace?
BalaPillaiMindColoniesHow can we exponentially increase the osmosis rate on new ideas like mind colonies?
BaruchLove, the reality of our interconnectedness. 
BenDeVriesThe reality of the direct environmentHow can we and all people get better access to funding in a necessarily capitalist context?
BenRattrayHuman connectionHow do you forge connections to people you don't know personally?
BenjaminMoldenhauerLove, work and independenceIs it possible for humans to have a society that is nonviolent?
BenjaminasZavurskisSuvokimas sav=C4=99s, kaip Dievi=C5=A1kos Esyb=C4=97s, ir =C5=BEadinimas kit=C5=B3 to paties suvokimui. 
BenoitCoutureGoing from the spiritual division of human DNA to the Organic Experience of Spiritual UnityWithin the experience of unity with God and one another, there is only one voice. How do we tune in from God's voice to the web and from here to our living space?
BernardLietaerPeaceful transformation of the planet to the next evolutionary stepWhy the suffering?
BernhardHarrerEvaluating Extraordinary Knowledge For ApplicationHow can I finance an institute that transfers extraordinary knowledge?
BiancaZvorcKnowing that I am not aloneIs there a definite argument for me to believe in God?
BjoernSchliebitzIntegrity, being myselfHow to make 500 million people below the age of 40 meet and communicate with each other, out of which 10% (50 million) would have never gotten the chance to converse with each other if not for whatever tool/project/product we created?
BreinMcNamaraTo help others 
BrettZaccardiAuthenticReachHow to connect with others?
BrianDavisEvery single person has a creative idea that will change the planetOn the 11/9 who has an idea so spectacular and positive that every station in the world will show it every fifteen seconds (as with 9/11) and it will change the world for the better?
BrindaDalalOur commonalityHow can we evolve as a spiritual species? (I mean this is a nonreligious way.)
BrittanyWhat is truly best for me, and what is truly best for my community, and what is truly best for my surroundings is all the same. 
BruceDamerGood meaningful connection with other people around ideas, good will and with other sentient beings in the universeHow do we make contact with the universe and sentient species?
CarlDisalvoTrustHow do universities become responsible to the communities they are set in?
CarlWennerstrandMy deepest value is love God more than anything else. The zen is understanding everythings relationship to GodIs Net Nuetrrality just a poltical football for the international corporations to knick around while they work quietly behind the scenes privatizing the net with their net software that allows precise trafficking and prioritization of packets?
CarlaBreakeyBeing a blessing 
CarlosBuenoQualityWhy is the principle of induction true?
CarlosOrtegaAyalaOrgullo, Be proud ofHow can you design anything so that it is conscious of all that it is involved in? How can we have a system for conscientiously producing products?
CarolineOmolloThe women has been left behind in so many ways here and hope to have them steer themselves for the upcoming technologiesWhy our young girls and women don't have a taste to live happy marriages!!!!
ChaiMasonTrue perceptionWhat is my destiny?
CharlesWilliamsAll the different people living harmoniously and respecting each other even if they want to live separately 
ChrisMacraeMakingValueMultiplicationTransparentWhat context would excite powerful people to get together all at the same time to openly look at what good might be possible?
ChrisMessinaGiving people the feeling that they control their own destinyHow do I make money and still feel as good doing the work?
ChrisNaffTo be kind 
ChrisRussellPray for people and stay strongHow can I live the life that God wants me to live?
ChrisSchueppSeeing my children grow up and how they have parts of me and my wife. 
ChristianeFischerThe spiritual dimension of justiceHow to implement justice in real life?
ChristinaDeJesusSocial justice, all humans deserve to be treated with dignity and respect simply because they are human 
ChristineAxAHumancentricScaleAs producers, we want to earn money, as consumers we don't want to buy our products because they are too expensive; as citizens we want all from the government, and as citizens we try to pay as little taxes as possible, etc. How could we heal our madness of contradictions and integrate our roles and heal ourselves? What is a method, a place, a strategy to do this?
ChristineEggerLove, a true universalityHow?
ChristineTaylorHelping more people be entrepreneursHow to use my land in Mississippi to grow natural food?
ChristofisAntoniouThe support of my family 
ChristophHinderfeldFriendlinessToMankindHow can we bring best practices together in one platform?
ChristophSpehrFreedom, that people can realize their potential and then decide about their own lives and relationships and are empowered in their negotiations with others so that they don't just follow given rules but find new rules for themselves.Is there an economy that can combine freedom and complexity or innovation and responsibility?
ChristopherRollysonConnecting the unconnected 
CigdemAkbasogluTeach others whatever I got. 
ClaireMachadoValuing communication over violenceHow do we teach ourselves at a very young age to focus our negative energy to something positive for the benefit of everybody?
ClemensTheobertSchedlerLove: To be awake in every senseWhat is your truth?
CristinaLunaEmptiness, living without judgment. 
DHolyOneHoliness from the Hebrew perspectiveFor the sake of balancing the ecology of the environment, what is the most expedited way to influence the biotech industry to restore organic biodynamic diversity?
DagoVlasitsFriendshipThroughWisdom FreundschaftDurchWeisheitHow can we apply wisdom practically?
Daiva=C5=BDi=C5=BEi=C5=ABnait=C4=97WarmHumanRelationship (=C5=A0iltas=C5=BDmogi=C5=A1kasBendravimas)Am I doing what I ought to do? (regarding my calling) Ar darau tai k=C4=85 tur=C4=97=C4=8Diau daryti? (pa=C5=A1aukimas)
DanOtedoLove conquers all 
DanPachecoEmpowering people to have a voice 
DanSorensenSeeing the ecology of the universe, knowing that nothing is isolated from itself. 
DanielJLavigne If "The Rule Of Law" is to be at all meaningful, should all be required to act on their duty (As suggested by such as the Nuremberg Principles) to refuse to support their respective societies, if and when such societies are participating in plans and preparations that are predicated on a will and capacity to commit mass murder?
DanteGabryellMonsonOpenWorld: Opening up dimensions that open up dimensionsWhat system makes for the most opportunity?
DanuteLuksieneGyventi tarp laiming=C5=B3 =C5=BEmoni=C5=B3 - Live among happy peopleAr mokyklos asmenyb=C4=97s ugdymas atitinka =C5=A1eimos asmenines vertybes?
Danut=C4=97Verve=C4=8Dkien=C4=97Serving (Tarnyst=C4=97) 
DaveGrayBringing new things into the world 
DaveWarnerSave the willing firstWhat is the question that I can ask other people so they can start a discovery process that could lead them to have a higher probability of achieving a higher quality of life for themselves and everybody around them?
DavidAlanFosterSeeing that other people's needs are metHow can we end war?
DavidBorgoPromoting groupishnessWhat propels emergence?
DavidCohnFree exchange of information 
DavidEllison-BeyCompassionHow to get people to know their real self?
DavidFosterSeeing that other people's needs are metHow can we end war?
DavidGorini How to change the approach of economics to be less financial and more focused on human work?
DavidKobiaBeing selfless 
DavidMutuaTo dedicate my life to explore and exploit new opportunities and ideas towards personal and human progress for a better world. 
DavidOdhiamboWakiaga"Living an empty life here there is always hope for the miserable". 
DavidPetersonContinual learningIs there an end to the universe?
DavidSowerwineBeing able to look back on my life and feel that I've contributed all that I could. 
DennisKimamboCommunity work, especially reaching people that cannot be reached by messages 
DervalaHanleyEmpathyHow should we live?
DidzisVeinbergsTo be true to myselfHow do we change people's understanding of copyright?
DoctorPopularTo work as little as needed to support my interestsWhat could I use my talents for?
DonCirlinCommunion, connections between all living things 
DouglasAregeHelp people live in dignity-access opportunities to transform and change their lives and communitiesI have been training youth on self leadership in my village and one question that lingers in my mind is: did i inspire and motivate them? did I scare them away? I was expecting that they would come back with ideas of growing and sprouting social change?
DrSuperCommunicate to the largest audience possible what I know about life, especially mathematics.Where do beliefs come from and how can we change them?
DrewMcLeanGod's justiceWhy can't people make it easier for me to forgive?
EarthTreasury/AnanyaSGuhaTo serve those who are not as fortunate as myself. 
EdJonasEffectiveCaringWhat is effective caring?
EdgarCahnRespondingToInjusticeHow do you push the realm of possibility further than you can grasp in terms of the limits of what you know, especially with regard to timebanks?
EditaMatulevi=C4=8Dien=C4=97LovePeople (meil=C4=97 =C5=BEmon=C4=97ms) 
EdwardCherlinUnityOfSalvationHow do we discover the possibility of education? What's the list of unanswered questions on child development and education? What are the appropriate experimental methods for answering the unanswered questions in child development and education? Where we don't have a method, what do we do?
EgidijusVijeikisTik=C4=97jimas, kai priimi Evangelij=C4=85 visa =C5=A1irdimi ir protu ir savo jausmais, visu savimi ir kei=C4=8Dia vertybes. Faith when you receive the Gospel with all of your heart and mind and feelings, with all of you and it changes your values. 
EliasCarotti What is Truth?
ElisabetSahtourisCreativeJoyCan we change the basic Western science story quickly to create a global integral science?
ElizabethLudwigMaking the least impact on the world. 
EllenLeanseTo be part of something bigger than myself.Nature or nurture?
ElunedHurnFightingPeacefullyHow can we get people in conflict to sit around the table?
EminHuseynzadeBe proud of my life 
EmmanuelNormanNakhokhoTo help the children of God who have no educationHow can I get volunteers to come to my project?
EmmanuelWereThe sanctity of life 
EricBrittonHelping people answer questions that are important to them which within their community they can find the answers or at least the energy and the will to find the answers.There is a significant job to be done in the area I have chosen to work in, which is the impact of technology on people's day to day lives. Will I in the time that I have available to me be able to learn enough and communicate enough to be able to soften the impact of technology on people in their day to day lives?
EricSchauerGrace, getting good things I don't deserveIn this life, if we stand back and look at the spirit of it, and take away all the physical features, is our reality connected or are we all living separately?
EricSchneiderLeading Magical Lives Caring for Creation 
EricWanjamahTo helpHow as an individual I can be able to be an agent of change?
EricaBridgemanRecognizing contradictions and being able to live within contradictionsWill we be able to overcome our collective past?
ErikGarrisonAll things are alive. All things have flow and process.Where do I go?
ErikHersmanDoing something that matters 
ErikSundelofThere is no absolute truth, everything is happening in context and we are part of that context 
ErinDennyLoving kindness 
ErinTuttleLiving holistically 
EtienneChrestIntegrity, living in accordance and being consistent with your deepest valuesWhy?
EvaldasZilionisDaryti =C5=BEmogui ger=C4=85 nesvarbu kas. To help a person regardless.Ar mes pasiruo=C5=A1=C4=99 sutikti ateivius? Ar we prepared to meet extraterrestrials?
EvanceAmbasaTo have the youths see the future with changed opinion and be good bavoural models in our society.The great digital divide we have all over the world.
EwaldDerkitsLiving in harmony with God's universe 
EyalHalevyFinding the good in everything around meHow can we change the collective frequency that humans are tuned to so that we create a new reality movie?
FabioBaroneI can't formulate one deepest value, I have many. I am currently very enthralled by the concept of the portuguese/spanish word "entrega". I don't know a correct translation to english yet... 
FannyBragardIntegrity, embodying my deepest valuesHow is it possible to link people who have totally different world views which have totally different ideologies?
FedericoPavariniTo have friends 
FlavioBonfattiDeep friendship 
FlemmingFunchCreative Intelligence Through Synergetic DiversityWhat are the generative patterns that would allow the global brain to wire itself?
FlorenceDrakeThe relationship between human beings and places.Will I ever be sure this is the person I want to keep growing with?
FranciscoAguilarRespect for peopleWhy do people believe in irrational beings and gods?
FrancoiseBurgHonesty, say what you do and do what you say.How to live in harmony given the differences and contradictions?
FransTemmermanThe quality of life 
FranzNahradaOptimal interplay. Everything should unfold its full potential by interacting in the best way with other things. (Jeder und Alles sollte seine besten M=C3=B6glichkeiten durch optimales Zusammenspiel entfalten k=C3=B6nnen.)How can we use the emerging possibilities of infrastructure and new tools like video bridges to create a synchronous worldwide collaboration environment between communities?
FredKayiwaalways thinking of being helpfull person to the needy and we make a better future and better worldHow can people be helpful to each other?
GaryAlexanderCoherenceInsteadOfFragmentationWhat are the first steps to creating a collaborative, sustainable economy?
GaryBollesDignityHow to connect islands of information? How to make explicit the solutions?
GbadeAdejumoService to humanity.How I can make life better for that man or that woman?
GeoffChesshireRightLivelihood To find a way of being on the planet, so that the human species remains welcome.How do we support our work within the present economy while building a new economy whose values are not recognized by the present one?
GeoffThomasMutualityHow do you give mutuality a currency?
GeorgeChristianJeyarajHelpingOthers (uthavum karangal)How can we help others?
GeorgeLawtonCuriosityWhat is orgasm?
GeorgePorEvolution of consciousnessHow to shoot an arrow of curiosity into the mind of a person without destroying his or her autonomy ? (quote from Earth Thunder in One is the Sun)
GeorgianaMihalacheMy faith in God.Are men and women equal from all points of view?
GeraldOchiengI am Christian like and would want people to honor their God to haveplenty of wealth to see a sustainable future without corruption which is now prevailing in KenyaEvery wealth is devolved through an understanding which is not paramount to our creators wish, what should the poor mass do to sustain themselves?
GhassanManasraResponsibility to humanity to change the Muslim society to be a part of the consciousness of the universeWhy does the Western world not come to the ordinary Muslim and understand them but instead judge them according to fanatics?
GiannosMoullotosHaving a healthy family 
GlebTyurinLove, patience, cultureWhat are good examples of asset-based development around the world? and what are the key elements?
GlobalVillages/Andr=C3=A9BoeingMythosophyThroughPlayfoolnessHow to use the mythic mind ecology of our Fun and Media Society to enhance the sense and passion for the Great Quest of Integral Sustainable Development ?
GlobalVillages/Arcology/MaryHoadley How do you get people to value using less of something rather than more of something?
GlobalVillages/Arcology/PaoloSoleri Why does anything exist instead of nothing?
GlobalVillages/FranzNahradaGlobalVillages (WorkNets:RecognizingEfficacies)How can we live autonomously as communities and yet use the power of global cooperation at its best?
GlobalVillages/JoachimLyon Is there an optimal way to teach? What makes a good teacher?
GlobalVillages/PeterBurgessAn accountable network of human energyHow can we help the decision making process so we can get a lot more benefit from the science and technology thinking that is available? How can we eliminate the bad, value destroying decisions which dominate the space?
GodLove (?)How can I reach every single person? (?)
GrahamDouglasIntegrityCould integration, meaning, power, love, excellence, animalism, sensualism, existence and dependence be regarded as a summary of basic human needs?
GrahamKnight Are we in a multiuniverse?
GrahamStewartLearningByChallengingHow can I best serve my local community so that Tonya and I are provided with all our basic needs?
GrantMcCrackenDynamismWhat is the minimum instruction set for our social coexistence?
GrazvileBaleisyteSiekimas susikalb=C4=97ti, neu=C5=BEsidaryti 
GregWolffRulesOfTheGameThatAreFairForAllWhat's the best political economy for information exchange?
GryteMisevicieneSantarv=C4=97 ir ramyb=C4=97 =C5=A1eimojeKaip 21-ame am=C5=BEiuje neprarasti ry=C5=A1io su vaikais ir an=C5=ABkais?
GuillermoCerceau In what sense do the tools we use (some of them built by we ourselves) and the way we write and communicate, express fully the new dimensions of social interactions, and if they do not, what would we have to do to be closer, at least, to the promises of the technology?
GuillermoPayetAuthenticity, finding what's realIs there a soul?
GustavoEstevaBeing led by the people I love.Why are people attached to the myth of development?
HaiderRizviServing the people 
HamimuByabato In which quality environmental situation could fulfill my Vision and my strategical goals of a growing musician?
HankDelcoreGetting people to see things from some other person's or group's point of view. 
HankKuneTo be of service to improve the quality of life on this planet 
HannesStrempflExchanging positive opportunities with each other 
HanningtonOnyangoAmbition - My single most ambition is for those around me to succeed coz only then will I also be successful. If I can influence the success of those arround me then to me that would be my success. I would not call myself successful if my neighbour sleeps on an empty stomach.How to use the little resources we have arround us to make something out of life? We more often than not refrain from doing something because we talk of having limited resources but it is my belief that with those limited resources, we can be able to start something and continue building it as time goes by.
HansGeorgPestkaStayingCloseToMyLifeWas ist dir wichtig im Leben? Why, in our cultures, do so many people not reflect on things and just passively consume?
HayfordSiawBeing my neighbour's keeperWhy do we have poverty in the world and for how long has it been fought but still exist?
HelenMahooBeing faithful in God and othersHow and what we can do to help developing countries, that is, Africa?
HelgeLoiderTo be who I am and let others be who they are even if sometimes its very hard. 
HelmeHamadMan must empathize with man 
HenryMigingoThoughtfulSharingHow can I, as an individual, implement a bottom-up economy in Africa (begining with Kenya) so that we are economically independent?
HrantDinkStanding up to Oppression 
IanRoweAddressing injustice 
IbrahimHalkanoResponsibilityWhat is a definition of life that would apply to all living things, such as viruses, humans, goats, grass? And what is the food chain?
IevaJatnieceJoy of life that come from inner freedom. 
IlgarMirzaTo be liberal. 
IlonaStaniolienienePamatyti Dievo vali=C4=85 savo gyvenime To see God's will in my life 
IngaHonesty, the truth. 
IngridTriekelsKeeping alive the memory of my son 
Innovation/AndreaMillsHelping people around the world to get access to technology and knowledgeIs there any universal truth in physiognomy, any real connection between the character and temperament/personality of a person and their outward appearance? Is there a finite or infinite number of "physiognomic archetypes", with reference to human beings?
IrenaBuinickaiteHarmony in all areas of life. Help for people. Darna visose gyvenimo srityse. Pagalba =C5=BEmon=C4=97ms.How to help myself and others to climb out of troubles, live a useful and meaningful life? Kaip pad=C4=97ti sau ir kitiems i=C5=A1lipti =C4=AF vir=C5=A1=C5=B3, gyventi nauding=C4=85 ir prasming=C4=85 gyvenim=C4=85?
ItaMaranitschPositiveThinkingHow do we combine our indigenous quality and high tech to overcome the problem of our struggling world?
IvoMarkovicExperience of God 
IztokSmajsMuniUsing aesthetic forms to attract people to absolutes 
JackManganaWorking with children adopted and can be helped from sponsors who are minding because life is taking them to ditch people should feel Human enough to help the miserable children.If we could be associated by volunteers or why, are we unable to facilitate their coming for this community?
JacksonOchandaOlalThe community is in a mess and I would like to a resource centre to nurture them and have and have sustainable nature towards our future development.If there is any it should be community and sustainabledevelopment
JacobTo work with the poor and disadvantage segments of the community to enhance a participatory approach to development with a vision of creating hope and happiness.How to relate the information and communication Technology to develop the poor?
JacobOdhiamboVoluntary actions are the pearl of desires for satisfactory developmentMore value of understanding is making the poor poorer why?
JacobOgwenoTo work with the poor and disadvantage segments of the community to enhance a participatory approach to development with a vision of creating hope and happiness.How to relate the information and communication Technology to develop the poor?
JacqueDemeviusFinding harmony 
JakeWargaCreate awarenessWhat am I looking for in myself that I can find in other people?
JamesFergusonEthicalSolutionsIs there a market for ecological architecture in Lithuania?
JamesHamiltonHappiness for my two boysHow could technology make the local watchdog function of journalism work better?
JanBenhamEmbracing people for who they are 
JanetFeldmanHolisticHelpingHow can I help those individuals who are coming to me, while also taking care myself, and generate a ripple effect into a wider community?
JaredAkamaOndiekiEmpowerment for Life 
JeffBudererBackToTheRoot (BeingConnectedToOurselves)How to design a process to get back to the root of what we are as spiritual beings?
JennyWattEducation should be available to everyoneHow to build an educational system that respects students and give them every opportunity to succeed?
JerryLLovewhat makes things work
JessicaMayberryEveryone to have a voice and the skills to articulate 
JinanKodapully Is it possible to know without fragmenting the knower and the known?
JocelynOrttSaeedSilence for the sake of speech 
JodyIambeSustainability, the ability to leave things the way that I have found them 
JoeGrimm How will we get our news?
JoeTranauskasInternal peace and forgivenessWhy do people seek things instead of self-satisfaction and accomplishment?
JohannesLauberA commitment to common understandingWhat are the impacts, opportunities, contradictions and difficulties of fair trade and what are the demands from farmers in the South to the consumers in the North?
JohnHarlandTheExperienceOfLifeIs there a way of understanding how the laws of physics could have evolved from something more basic?
JohnJamesOBrienIntegrityHow can we balance needs ... I want to devote more energy to meaningful contributinos but have obligations that limit flexibility?
JohnKunerPay attentionHow do you measure social change? What is an institutional measurement?
JohnLewisSincerityWhy is it that we are the only animal that demands answers?
JohnReaderThat I make my choices for my own reasons 
JohnRogersParticipatorySociety (Cyfranogi)How can we create sustainable community currencies? What does a sustainable CC look, sound and feel like?!
JohnWatersMinimizingAllAvoidablePainHow can society be organized to minimize the waste of precious resources? How to engage the majority who don't seem to imagine that there are potential solutions?
JolitaMalinauskaiteModeration (Saikas) 
JonasSmedegaardTransparencyHow to value without the distraction of money?
JoseZamoraGenuine truth 
JosephGoguenMyOwnNonexistenceWhat are values? How do you discern them in objects and persons?
JosephRunnelLuleas long as i can be a solution to any marginalised life let me take the opportunity to help with all my whole heart without any reservation 
JosephSvejlaKnowing God 
JosephatNdibalemaSee many people getting education as their basic rightHow can education play a role in the development of an individual?
JosesSangaRespectForMyFamilyHow will people react to my performance?
JuanCarlosAcunaLiving from love, the light in everyone.What are we doing here as humanity?
JuliaMeyerThe love that Christ portraysWhy do I have such a position of privilege in a world of such injustice?
JulieHamwoodDo as much as you can with loveWhy are people the way that they are?
KaiEhlersLoving my surroundings as I love myselfHow can we make a transition with as little violence as possible to a new society with direct connections among people and community?
KaiKaschinskiFreedom to think and communicate without boundaries inside myself or outside myself.Which ways of social life are possible?
KanaanAlJamalthe others , to be in this life with the others and to work with all the people every were what ever they are JEWISH, MUSLIMS and CHRISTIANSWhy i don't have the right to see the sun? The sun i am looking for is behind the chick point which keeps me away from the other world , keeps me away from flowers in the mountains .
KarenBoersBeing able to count on people 
KarenHudsonto treat others the way you would be treated 
KarinDanielssonSee the positive in what you have. 
KateOConnellMutualRespectHow do we begin to bring about change so that it is our society that we are living and not the society that we live in?
KateThomasFeeling content and peaceful 
KathleenOHaraImproving the world and the lives of the people in it 
KatieThomasKnowMoreWhat's this people thing all about?
KeithJacksonHappinessWhy does mathematics seem to map well to the universe that I find around me?
KenOwinoCherished Sustainable LivelihoodsHow can the Urban youth's here in Kenya also play a role in Agriculture which is one of the backbones of Kenyan economy?
KenndyOchiengOtanykaWe are having increased number of Orphans and having them without counseling them will make them a great spill off of hand hooligans,they should be counseled to have great ambitions for their life.I can't say now but hope to have a great answer later.
KenndyOrayaTo nurture the young and see that they don't fail in their future ambitionsThe gap between the growth of technology as one was telling me that what we are inventing here has been used widely for more than twenty years,across the world.
KennethKruszkaDoing good in the world 
KerinaOgada"Given that I am out Of school I would wish becoming a professional in Community development Because I see my community suffer much, Although I may leave this area for my studies but wish to come and fasten the development idea started".Community sustainable development differ from an area to another.
KerrySantoKeepReachingOutWhy are people's perceptions so fucked up?
KevinCiesielskiCreating happiness 
KingsleyEvansFreedomWithConscienceWhy do people avoid admitting they have been conned or manipulated?
KirkOlsonBeing able to go anywhere in the world that I want. 
KiyaviloMsekwaMy success, and the success of those around me 
KoenPeetersEnjoying lifeHow will people interact with other people and with artifacts?
KyleShannonClarityInCommunicationHow do we go beyond the people who live to volunteer and get to the people who are just living?
LarsAlbinssonAnybody can do anything 
LaurentStraskrabaMakeKnowledgeAvailableHow can we achieve a good and sustainable living that is benefiting, if possible, all people to a very high extent? What is supporting this aim? What is hindering this aim? What is the role of Asian culture in supporting this aim? Where is the money to finance research for and setting up of knowledge portals for development projects? What are the places where information flows into the village? What are the new abilities of people in Global Villages? What are the opportunities which foster the emergence of Global Villages? Which organisations are the most interesting for Global Villages?
LenSassamanBuilding things that improve people's livesHow does human consciousness work?
LeonBenjaminBecomingZero - Total QuiescenceHow do I become zero?
LeonardWittGood will win over evil in the long runWhere was the beginning?
LilianAnyangoWomen are the land and developing them is developing the entire genarion.Why don't our women come together for mutual understanding, may be, they fear men than respecting them?
LindaBrewerHeart-to-heart relationships 
LindaFatinJusticeWhy are people so cruel to each other?
LorraineDuffmy biggest core value I would say is my trust in the LordI'd like to know why people find it hard to believe in the truth
LouisMotekFinding the integrity within yourself. 
LouiseRayarTrying to bring understanding 
LucasGonzalezFindBetterWaysTogether (MejoresVias)How can independent thinkers (and others around them) help their communities (including the leaders in their communities) to prepare for a pandemic?
LuciaRamsoniusDivine play of love and beautyHow to be eternally happy?
LucienSteilBuildingBridgesHow do we clarify the definition of pattern language for the broadest applicability? How can we market pattern languages in a variety of contexts efficiently even to people who don't know anything about them?
LuisLopezlleraTrabajo mancomun (Collective work)=C2=BFSi podemos superar una civilizacion basada en el egoismo y se pueden pasar a una civilizacion de la belleza?
LydiaDobynsChange for good 
LynnFitchTaking over the world: Giving everybody in the world the power to communicate freelyHow can we pull electricity out of the air as Nicolas Tesla believed
LynnMarxTo love and to be loved.Why is it that I am so stiff-necked?
Magius How to extend in the general society the mode of production of GPL software?
MahdiSHanbaliTo satisfy what God wants for me 
MamadingCeesay How do you build and maintain a just and sustainable global society?
MarcinJakubowskiThe freedom that technology gives you.How to transform the economic system to eliminate flaws that are there by design?
MarcoCiurcinaBrotherhoodHow to free human beings in digital networks?
MariaAgneseGiraudoNatural Integration of Body, Mind and Heart. The right to my personal process.(See also: GrowingAsHumanBeings)How can I focus on my own personal development but still care about others?
MariaDelRosarioSerratoCruzCreer que una ilusi=C3=B2n puede formar una realidad=C2=BFQu=C3=A8 expectativos tienen los j=C3=B2venes en cuanto a lo que desean en el presente para su futuro?
MarianSunMcNameeBeing respectful of life, that which grows and continues into the infinite futureHow can the people of the world fill their lives with harmonious joyous satisfying creativity?
MariusNarvilasSavik=C5=ABra (savo s=C4=85mon=C4=97s pl=C4=97timas vertybi=C5=B3 pagrindu) Creating oneselfKokia yra Dievo valia man dabar? What is God's will for me right now?
MarkBeamOpen Future.How to be comfortable in massive change?
MarkComingsThe optimization of the radiance of unconditional love. Reducing the impedence of the evolutionary thrust within being to be everything that it is possible to beIs evil an infection that we can recover from or is it an inseparable feature of the nature of mind?
MarkEdwardsReinventing the modern world so it's compatible with nature 
MarkFinnernBoldly creating the world that works for all 
MarkOnyangoI must work hard to succeed to let others be helped also.Why don't we contain to status and develop.
MarkRoestAll is oneHow are the people who hold the pieces of the new paradigm actually going to come together? The nature of this question is an abiding interest in how things unfold.
MarkusPetzMeaningfulInclusionHow can individual and collective efficacies be empowered without sacrificing individual liberty nor cultivating societal decadence (liberal but not libertine being the goal)?
MartinBrevanFairness from self-respect and self-esteem 
MartinGReynoldsContributing to my family, friends and other relationships by binding peopleHow do we make journalism viable as an enterprise in this new millenium?
MartinKoehringIntelligentFaithHow can we make sustainable development work in the Third World?
MartinWurzingerUnderstandingTheWholeWhat kind of functionalities are there that drive our existence?
MaryPreussOlsonAlignment with sharing joyful expansionWill there ever be a time when we all get it?
MaryteMarcinkeviciene=C5=A0eimos ir darbo darnaKaip organizuoti maitinim=C4=85 seneliams ir vaikams?
MasimbaBiriwashaIntegrityHow can I make myself clear in my visioning to serve the common cause? How can I connect with God better?
MatthewKaprothExploration of ideas 
MatyasBenyikLife, conditions for 
MaurreenSkowranTry to have integrityWhy are we here? What's the point?
MaxHenrion How can I help create tools to empower people to develop their collective wisdom?
MichaelFranzReinischSelfCorrectingMyselfHow can I be part of the living organism that our planet is to become?
MichaelMelilloUnbreakable optimism 
MichaelSchreiberWe can agree to disagree. 
MichaelaDerkitsBeing true to my divine self 
MichelBauwensBeing able to relate to people in a peer-to-peer way. 
MichelleFerrierTo let every child know that their living mattersTo nurture the genius in every child so that possibility blooms
MichelleGoguenAuthenticityWhat is love?
MiguelYasuyukiHirotaReinforcementOfCivilSocietyHow is another world possible?
MillingaBuildFromThePositiveSideWhy are we poor?
MindaugasKubiliusInvincibleLove, Nepalau=C5=BEomaMeil=C4=97How will darkness be overcome? Kaip tamsa bus =C4=AFveikta?
MirabaiNarayanCreating heaven which is a world based on truth 
MohammedHafethAlShuraidehTo believe in God.How to think?
MohammedSharaqaTo live with dignityWhat does the future hold for us? A good life as for all the people in the world or a stupid life as we have with the occupation?
MokeeElBeing my selves, so that the higher self stands above the lower self 
MonikaGoodenoughBeing grateful for all that is as a learning experienceWhat is the nature of consciousness?
MonikaJasinskaiteVisk=C4=85 daryti su meile - Do everything with love 
MorganTamplinPreserving the past 
MozelleThompsonApplying all available resources to unsolvable problems. 
MuathMNabulsiWorking honestlyWhy do I fail even when I am doing good work? Why do people treat me badly when I treat them well?
MudisSalkauskasFindOnesPurposeInLife (RastiSavoPa=C5=A1aukim=C4=85) (Veiksmingas =C5=BEinojimas)Who am I and why am I here? Kas a=C5=A1 ir kod=C4=97l a=C5=A1 gyvenu?
MuhammadHouraniBeing a representative of God as a human beingHow can we adopt the way of God on this earth? How can we translate God's world to the language of reality?
NacimaSefianeFaith in humanityIf God exists, why are there so many problems between the religions?
NancyCailleteauSupportingOthersInBeingWhoTheyAreHow do I blend life and work seemlessly? where I do what I love all the time.
NancyGlockGreunichCreating the conditions that bring out the best in usWhat are the conditions that bring out the best in us and how can we create them as the basic structure of our society?
NateGarvisBeing generous in spirit and mind and heart 
NektariosChristodoulouQuality of life for my family 
NicholusAbieroTo have our handcrafts and arts products marketed online and have a centre where we can sensitize our community to the value of arts.How online promotion can make us have customers as Samwel usually tells us?
NickCottonDoing things for other people not just for myself 
NicolasDenisDoubtWhich question?
NicolasSausourTo respect and look to others as equalsHow can we achieve peace in the Middle East, in Iraq and Palestine?
NicoleLazzaroTo do work that needs doingWhy do people play games?
NidalZatarFinding an answer to any questionIn my region, why are some people working so hard, and other people not working at all?
NikosASalingarosBetterConnectionWithTheUniverseHow do human beings interact with the environment?
NinaGeroldingerBeingConnectedHeartToHeartHow to help people open up to understand new ideas?
NoahSalamehJustice, equal rights for everyoneHow to get rid of the Israeli occupation of Palestine?
NoelBurkmanThat something I do makes the world a little better than when I got here. 
OlgaMargaritaDavilaReconnecting with the cosmos.How can I help through the arts to transform the aesthetic moment into an economic moment?
OriesKasesPure professional attires to the development of my community through sustainable community projectsWhy is there a very dig divide between the developed countries and the developing?
PVHariharanReduce the gap between the rich and poorWhy is the world's poverty increasing in spite of all developments, also..It is paradox that the poorest are richest in Natural resources
PamelaMcLeanI don't know. LearningFromEachOther is relevant.How can we get people to take ownership of their learning journeys?
PaolaLiraSharing my experience with other peopleHow can the diverse people of Peru share their heritage and life?
PaoloMartinezHappiness, feeling that people can share openly what they feel and that they are achieving results for themselves and through that for othersHow can there be democracy that engages people at all organizational levels?
PatrickAndersonInterpret price above cost as Object Consumer plea for growth.What are the psychological barriers to a full investigation of this sensitive subject?
PatrickHumphreysEnabling people to find resources out of nothing and use them collectively to find happiness 
PatrickVanAalstBeing straightforward in the now 
PaulAllenLiving in synergy with the natural systems that support usHow do we increase the quality of life whilest decreasing energy intensity?
PaulBenhamAppreciatingTheEarth (double check)How to make the Primrose Earth Awareness Trust financially viable?
PaulBraundWhat's the meaning of life? 
PaulGMezeySmall Sacrifices That Have Great Value For Others 
PaulGerhardtRedemptive power of art and culture 
PaulRayarFinding good people, with good hearts and good mindsHow can I find good designers for tiles of all kinds that make us of our technology? How can I find one good architect who can design and build human housing with our materials?
PeggyHolmanLoving compassionHow am I a spark to grow love as a capacity in myself, others and the whole?
PerryReckerTransforming culture to the glory of GodHow to encourage and inspire dialogue between people of different cultural and religious backgrounds
PeterGaborWisdomIs there a different system possible for most people to be content?
PeterG=C3=BCndlingWe are all one as part of nature 
PeterHunterCreating Conditions That Allow Individuals To Be Powerful 
PetrasVaitiek=C5=ABnasBeliefInGod (tik=C4=97jimas Dievu)Is it possible to believe in God? ''(Ar galima tik=C4=97ti Dievu?)
PhostineOpiyoTo mobilize to the youths to become good role models in the communityWhy we youths, are not recognized in development making and when will this be reality.
PlaziFor People To Be Able To Really Feel Each Other 
PrinceObiriMainooThat the existing digital divide in the world amongst people and countries would be bridged through the same medium that divides us- technology! 
ProdromosTsiavosCaring as a person 
ProsperMbwamboWay to successHow will ICT help the society on fighting against poverty?
RachelWambuiKunguGiving voice to the voicelessWhy do I do what I do as a person?
RahillaZafarHelping other people while we have the chance 
RaimundasVaitkeviciusImproveMyself (tobul=C4=97ti)Kaip valdyti savo laik=C4=85? How to manage one's time?
RainbowHawkBeing in harmony with our highest nature which is being in conscious relationship with the Great Spirit and the universal energies of life because otherwise we're not honoring who we truly are. 
RainerNolvakI want to be useful.Where do we go?
RamunasJanaviciusSelf-Learning, Mokymasis 
RaslShabiThat my family do wellWhat will happen tomorrow?
RayGlockGreunichHonoring and serving the sacred as I understand it 
RayLewisLove, being devoted to another person's wellbeing and careWhy do so many of us place boulders in our own path?
ReinhardPaulesichOptimismBasedOnLoveIn what sense are regional capital flows essential for humanizing the economy, going beyond the maximization of profit in terms of money?
RhettDawsonEmbracing uncertainty 
RicardoTo treat everybody equallyHow can we help everybody live with dignity?
RiccardoMoroUninhibited communicationWhy can't everybody have enough to live?
RichardNelsonOpeningOurselvesToDirectKnowledgeHow we can live in a way that releases the natural abundance that is all around but which we seem unable to grasp?
RichardOuma Tell me more about ICT. How can I develop knowledge of good communication skills on my own?
RichardWedick What am I put here for?
RimantasMatulisElgtis dorai nepa=C5=BEeisti savo tautos papro=C4=8Di=C5=B3 ir garb=C4=97s. 
RimanteMickeviciuteGyvenimi=C5=A1ka patirtis - Real life experienceKod=C4=97l mano tokia dalia? - Why is my fate as it is?
RobMillerTo facilitate personal truth 
RobertAtkinsonAdvancing honesty and integrityWhy doesn't our political system meet the expectations of Americans?
RobertHornAddressing complex issuesHow do we create larger visual structures that enable us to think bigger thoughts?
RobertMuturimy deepest value is democracy and that is why i would like to study law so that i can fight for my rightsin Kenya we really have a problem of ignorance where nobody cares about he or she is expected to question is: how can i eliminate the ignorance?
RobertScamanPreserving the family farm 
RolfKohlerFriedrichsThe conditions for a good life: life, justice, peace and the integrity of creation.How to get an income on which basis I can do what I want?
Romas=C4=8CiupailaD=C5=BEiaugtis kiekviena nugyventa minute ir b=C5=ABti pa=C4=8Diam laimingam ir stengtis, kad ir kiti b=C5=ABti laimingesni. 
RomualdaJackevicieneGyveno d=C5=BEiaugsmas - Joy of Living 
RomualdaJackevi=C4=8Dien=C4=97JoyOfLiving (Gyvenimo d=C5=BEiaugsmas) 
RonNowickiProtecting the earth's living systems and nonliving systems so there will be a planet for our grandchildren to inherit 
RonaldOmondiSucceeding at impossible tasks. Do all that I can at whatever time I am called upon to do so with all that I have for the betterment of humanity.Why this great poverty of 68% within us and yet we have rich agricultural land and two main cash crops sugar cane and rice?
RosaBirchallHelping people be happy even for a few minutesWhy do people in poor countries have money for guns, but not for food, and why do we allow this and supply the ammunition?
RossLasleyBeing a geek: Bridging the gap between knowledge and understanding. 
RowanNoddingsLove does what's needed 
RoyKaylor Is there any connection between colloidal silver and AIDS?
RytisUmbrasasHelpAsNeeded (PrireikusPad=C4=97ti)How polite is it for me to demand others to behave as is convenient to me? Kiek yra mandagu reikalauti i=C5=A1 kit=C5=B3 elgtis taip kaip man patogu?
SabineStadler how to communicate with women scientist in Europe
SahibouOumaronThe world is my family 
SalahChoudhuryLove for all human kindThe basic theme of every religion certainly is peace. But why do people get indulged into horrifying activities and get into 'blood game' in the name of religion?
SamRoseFinding through discussion and applications how we can synergize what you are doing and I am doing, with the least amount of disruption for each other, with the least amount of overhead cost possible, and maximizing wealth building over time for everyone involved.How can we apply what we know, and create what we imagine, to work around barriers to change, and to replace obsolete systems with sustainable systems?
SamwelKongereMotivationThroughSacrificeHow can my community have a sustained economy?
SarahHasanMy faith 
SariHakamTo be honest 
SarunasAndrikisK=C5=ABryba (CreativeWork) 
SarunasRaudysUsing modern information technology to pursue questions in philosophy and social science. Naudojimas moderni=C5=B3 informacijos technologij=C5=B3 filosofiniams socialiniams klausimams ai=C5=A1kintis.Why does the immune system grow old? Kod=C4=97l sensta imunin=C4=97 sistema?
SashaMrkailoSearching and living by the truth.How to make a living in an ethical way?
SauliusSakalasNotToLoseFaith (NeprarastiTik=C4=97jimo)What kind of speaking is effective in achieving a goal? Koks ir =C4=AF kur kalb=C4=97jimas yra veiksmingas siekiant tikslo?
SchlomoAlonTreating the other like myself so that all people have the same opportunitiesHow to bring people to live in this area in peace, harmony and cooperation?
SeanGarrettExploring the grey area between what is supposedly good and what is reality. 
SelineAtienoKisiaAlthough fellow young women are on the suit of lacking business experience they should be given hope for excellent approaches towards development.I can't IMagine
SergioBeltranFriendship as the vehicle for relations between people.How could you build autonomy without being attacked by the system?
ShannonClarkAcceptingPersonalResponsibilityHow to explore the implications of looking at economies from a network perspective?
ShlomoAlonTreating the other like myself so all people have the same opportunitiesHow to bring people to live in this area in peace, harmony and cooperation?
ShlomoDubnov What aspects of thinking of our life are actually expressed better in terms of our beliefs and emotions because we live in terms of them? Where is art better than science in dealing with ideas?
Shu-HongZhuKnowing and doing what God wants me to doWhat does God want me to do today?
SidUleviciusTo make living as Jesus did my lifestyleHow do you define something without defining it?
SisterKathleenHeemanLove and worship for the divine. 
SisterThereseThe goodness of God as reflected in the goodness of people. 
SofiaBustamanteThe courage to care 
SofieAbuawadFreedom from control without fearWhat do I want from life?
StacyAumaI value my life and others having enough to get them going and succeeding.If one is not fully Qualified can one get the competition at a level?
StankoBlatnikHelping people as I canHow does the brain work? How can we help older people to make them more comfortable?
StefanGnescio How can you effectively and quickly teach people to think critically, analytically, rationally, scientifically?
StefanMeretzSelfUnfoldingAlongWithOthersHow can we organize a society which is based on self-unfolding rather than economic value?
StellaDesigning a sustainable human society (in harmony with Gaia)How can I most effectively contribute to accelerating human evolution?
StellaSavvaBeingHonestIs astrology a good thing?
StepanPachikovProtecting life in the universeHow did the universe start?
StephenSilhaLove - loving yourself and others and finding the good in everything.How can we create more empathy? Recognize that their reality is not our reality and that the language they use might mean something else than it means to us.
SteveBonzakUnderstanding the Optimal LifeHow do living systems work?
SteveBossermanSocialJusticeWhat can I do with others to advance social justice in the world by experimenting with social system rules that distribute influence more equitably among members and offer them a wider range of choices? The metric for me is food security and safety. If people don't have a steady supply of affordable, healthy food, then there is no social justice.
SteveCayzerBeing a Force for Good 
StevenKnightIncreasing Happiness In Myself And Those Around MeHow to get everybody around the world to use a money system that contributes to positive human and environmental development? How do we rapidly replicate successful projects? What would it take for the community and voluntary sector to cooperate instead of compete?
StuartOliverSharing and collaboration: working with other people where there are mutual gains or mutual satisfactions.Why do people want to gain from other people's misfortune?
SueCanney How can we be, every moment, part of a collective wisdom that deepens understanding, creates community and enlightens and cleans the collective consciousness?
SureshFernandoComing together as community (tentative)How do I get organizations that have high level of convergence and values to work together in ways that allow them to keep their independence and autonomy and find points of contact for collaboration? How do we get 100,000,000 people to work on an issue such as global poverty?
SuryaPrakashVinjamuriTrust - speaking truth, transparency, sticking to commitments, fearlessness, keeping up with time........How can we keep up to be HUMANS?
SuryaRaoMaturuGlobalLoveAndFriendshipAre engagement with the "world" and withdrawal from it both equally valid, or are they not?
SuvituuliaHuotariContinuous learning: Self-directing process; exposure to new things both concrete and abstract; using knowledge to improve everyday life both to yourself and others; searching the truth; a way out of willing ignorance; how to do it - let the curiosity be your guide.What is the clear, easy way of defining the laws and the underlying moral principles from which they have sprung?
SuzanneKatanicLiving in sensationWhat is your path to self-acceptance?
SuzanneKeersGood stewardship of the earth and other peopleHow can I help other communities that are less fortunate than me learn to help themselves?
SynnoveMathe What is more important, existence or essence?
TFGrayJusticeHow to end prejudice?
TaniaPalaciosFreedom and responsibilityHow can we build a loving, caring, responsible free coexistence?
TanvirLodiLove for other humans around me. 
TegiObandaRemoving what keeps other people from being happy. 
TeklaAmaPitterson Can traditional African clothing be redesigned to meet today=E2=80=99s fashion requirements?
TerryMaceThe Infinite Reality of OnenessHow do I explore the infinite reality of oneness whilst appearing to exist in duality with others?
TheoPoursanidisLoyalty and Trust 
TheresaBakalarzI want people to work togetherHow can I convince people that working together is more important than anything else for this planet and human being?
ThereseWeel How do we create a social entrepreneurship venture where people contribute and benefit? Lets find out at The Virtual Toolshed
ThomasChepaitisVertybes teisingai suprasti per humor=C4=85Kas tai yra =C5=BEmogus?
ThomasDienerFrameworksForFreedomHow can knowledge of inner personal growth connect unemployed people so they might start businesses together?
ThomasKalkaFindingWaysToAttractCriticalMass to find ways out of ArtificialScarcityHow do you raise your consciousness? How to organize / store information to keep it accessible? How can I tell people the truth without hurting them?
TiffanyJohnsonCaring for othersWhat is my purpose?
TiffanyVonEmmelConnection, healing the fragmentation that exists on all levels, shifting from control to participationWho can work as a partner with me? act as Dreamfish's operation leader?
ToddWolfsonEconomic justice 
TolgaKorbutConstructing my life as a work of artWhat is happening with our values that we individually sense is happening but deep down it is something systematic about capitalism?
TomLombardiIncreasing knowledgeIs it possible to know if there is God?
TomOchukaA society that responds to changeHow to empower the community? How to involve people to make them independent so they can find water solutions for themselves? How to get water without depending on the common source?
TomSalfieldLiberatingExchangeProcessesHow can people collaborate in large groups?
TomStorrieHarmlessnessWhat kind of knowledge underpins intercultural learning and competence? and therefore what strategies to promote intercultural learning and competence does that imply?
TomWayburnTheTriumphOfReasonHow can intelligent - but physically weak - members of a dominance hierarchy from which resource dominance has been rigorously purged by law protect themselves from stronger members of the dominance hierarchy who are better fighters and who might be inclined to be belligerent?
TomasFuloppObjective truthWhat is the smallest set of equations that defines the universe? (looking for the mc2 in everything)
TomasTaskauskasDievasKas yra =C5=BEmogus? What is a human?
TommasoBolognesiTruth is nowhere less than everywhere. 
TonyKuttnerHappiness for me and my familyHow can I know everything?
TunaTurkmenDemocracy - people deciding the world they want 
TwoWristsAcceptanceHow can we end suffering?
UllaGawlikEqualityWhy don't we use the knowledge that we have as human beings?
UnityCenter/OneVillage/JoyTang What is our collective destiny, if there is one?
UweChristianPlachetkaHomo sapiens in veritate sapiens - Truly wise humansHow to get my lady friend across to Europe?
ValdasKavaliauskasLoveOfPeople (meil=C4=97=C5=BEmon=C4=97ms)Can people live without money? (For money destroys society). Ar gali =C5=BEmon=C4=97s gyventi be pinig=C5=B3? (Nes pinigai griauna visuomen=C4=99).
ValerieSeitzFreedom. You can unfold your talents and your visions, take care of yourself and others, be a conscious active part of the whole. 
VeeralDhananiImmersing myself into something bigger than myself 
VeliPekkaNiitamoBelieve in humanityHow is society molding us into stereotypes of boys and girls that does not appreciate the real diversity?
VictoriaGascon How to develop and keep a healthy, mature and safe environment for families to grow together?
VijaySrinivasSpread cheer and confidence: to feel connected, to forge that connection with one and all in this world. 
ViktorasJustickisGeneralKnowledge bendras=C5=BEinojimas 
VygantasVejasGeb=C4=97jimas gyvenim=C4=85 suvokti ir jame dalyvauti aktyviaiO kaip =C5=BEemi=C5=A1koji gyvyb=C4=97 ir protas atrodys po 100000 met=C5=B3?
WaelAlSaadTo have my mind free of control in every way so that it can be open to the source of all life which might be love.What IS Reality? Would we one day develop the global-mind technical application that we become part of real oneness leaving own mind to share global-mind, becoming agents of creation, working in harmony as an ecosystem? Then we may know what IS.
WendiLoshaBernadetteA likeness for education of a girl child as well as education of rural women as a means to get rid of a forceful marriage ,and making a choice of a husband etc for myself. Making a difference in my community where violence against women and the girl child will be completely abolished and the standards of women in general will be raised to close the existing gaps of the past.What are ways ways of raising the living standards of village women and the girl child to be educated up to the highest level possible and to find possibilities to close the existing gap of underdevelopment of the rural woman in Cameroon?
WilliamGDunnMaking people work together to be happy 
WilliamWagnerStrivingToKnowMoreHow is everything related?
WilliamWamburaCall for Development. See as many Africans as possible creating their own material world with their own mind... "Because they can"How can agriculture be utilized in countries like Tanzania?
WolfgangKrompTaking care of the planet so that as many generations as possible can have a livable life.Is it possible that the Baltic countries could be pilot projects for energy independence, especially using biogas from green plants?
YehudaStolovUsing my relationship with God as a guardian for everyday lifeHow can I better my relationship with God?
YuvalKovarskyTo be humane 
ZenonasAnu=C5=A1auskasSynergy - (K=C5=ABrybin=C4=97Talka) 
ZoneziwohMy health and well being of others