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Book: 20150131ImaginingEverything

Submitted for the 1st Epistemology of Metaphysics Workshop, EMW 1, May 8, 2015, but not accepted.

Imagining Everything

I wish to know everything and apply that knowledge usefully. We may say, I wish to take up God's vantage point, as if to sit on his lap, and be able to crawl forth in any direction and return to where I started.

If I am ever to achieve such knowledge, then I expect that it must be where everybody could find it, yet nobody is looking, namely, the wisdom of human life. If God is kind, then I may find it by studying the limits of my imagination. I take metaphysics to be the conclusions we can draw from such study. I present some methods and results.

Is it possible to know anything absolutely? I start with the concept of everything. I note four properties:

The people who I interact with all have this concept. Even a skeptic takes their stand with regard to everything. Perhaps there are those who do not have this concept, but it is up to the skeptic to seek them out. It is absolute pragmatically.

We may divide everything into perspectives. This happens naturally in certain arguments, for example, where we take sides between "free will" and "fate". I note divisions of everything which recur throughout the history of thought:

We conceive these divisions through representations. Idealists ask Why? How? What? and dismiss Whether? Materialists answer Whether! What! How! and dismiss Why!

If we negate Whether, What, How, Why, we get true, direct, constant, significant, which are the representations of the nullsome - God. The four properties of everything are the representations of the onesome. The representations of the twosome are: same-different, theory-practice, outside-inside, free will-fate. The representations of the threesome are a variant of Kant's twelve categories: necessary-actual-possible, object-process-subject, one-all-many, being-doing-thinking.

I will present a variety of methods for working together to establish such results.

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