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Book: 20170315Art

extra notes:

Creativity: Finding what to do with oneself (one's freedom) - why to do with oneself (one's freedom) - a purpose for one's freedom

Beauty: Disgust is impossible because there is no inside. Beauty: Perception that there is a Why.

Positive emotions distinguish between being in touch with and not being in touch with God.

Search for Why in the confines of this world.

Why is Nullsome - ambiguity in this world of that which is beyond this world True, direct, constant, significant Purposefulness

Reflect the purpose

Christopher Alexander's principles of life are rules for art



Critique of Judgment

Four reflective judgments - self-understandings of the limits of our imagination

Scopes of interpretation for purposes of understanding each other: four discourses:

The faculty of interpreting suitableness, and its consequence, in interpreting purposiveness and beauty.

Aesthetic judgments of the beautiful: four moments:

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