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International Phenomenology conference in Riga, 2017, June 29, 2017. Rejected

Art: Twelve Reasons Why

Immanuel Kant believed that our minds engage the world by way of 12 categories. He derived them from the logical form of judgments. This talk presents a rather similar but alternative approach by which an artist's mind engages the perspective Why, beyond this world, by way of 12 reasons.

We may explore the limits of our imagination to derive 12 circumstances by way of the following 4 "mind games":

Robert Genn has collected about 100 quotes by famous artists about the purpose of art. These can be organized into 12 reasons for creative work.

Architect Christopher Alexander has identified 15 principles of life. They can be thought of as rules for creating art. 3 of them are of a general nature: Create strong centers, strong boundaries, and levels of scale. The other 12 can be identified with the 12 circumstances.

The first purpose of the talk is to show how these 12 circumstances, 12 reasons for art, and 12 rules for creativity, can be related, as follows:

The second purpose is to show that the "triggers" for the mind games (significant, constant, direct, and true) can be identified with the Why which the artist engages, as the basis for Creativity and Beauty.

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