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Book: 20171117Gamestorming-Draft


Working on Draft of Presentation


every game is joint attention

every game is a riddle a question and an answer linked by an investigation

Each game frames a context, opens up a question and gets an answer.

every game is made up of games and they all have the same structure the ways of figuring things out

Dave Gray

Mammals play flight. Game is more than just play. It is not just practicing life, but it is building a model of life. And there are roles which means, for example, that the captain of an imaginary boat can be anyone.

What is a game? An ideal version, toy model of life.

In innovation, (or imagination), we don't know what B looks like. A game is a possibility generator, creativity generator. Fuzzy goals - sensory tangible artifacts, emotional passion generates momentum, movement is progressive. We learn as we go along.

A play: beginning, middle and end.

Main ideas and new ideas


Curt Hanks

Ontogenetic Trajectories of Chimpanzee Social Play: Similarities with Humans

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