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Book: 20191003Physics

Lietuvos nacionalinė fizikos konferencija 2019 m. spalio mėn. 3-5 d., Kaune

Combinatorial Interpretations Which Distinguish Observer and Observed


A Geometrical Concept for Distinguishing Observer and Observed

Main concepts

Statement of problem

The measurement problem, whether and how the wave function collapses, persists as a longstanding challenge for the various interpretations of quantum mechanics.


Offer an observation

Observer introduces asymmetry. Observer entangles with one possibility.

Measurement finds the system in a definite state. Thus masurement collapses the wave function. The evolution of the system then continues from that definite state.



A federation of observers.


Coordinate systems symmetry group is not the alternating group but the subgroup of the hyperoctahedral group. And this subgroup can arise only if we replace each dimension with a bipolar axis. Which is the point of the intermediate structures.

Conclusion: Penrose's trinity "three forms of existence" 1.4, pages 17-21 - physical world, Platonic mathematical world, mental world - theoretical physics, theoretical math, theoretical cognition

The meaning of numbers: complex, real, quaternionic.

Is the system symmetric or not. If it is a subsystem, then it is symmetric, and so there is a degeneracy (dividing by 2). If it is not a subsystem, then it is not symmetric.




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