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Book: EmotionalLife

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Emotional concepts

fusion of sensory and emotion


Emotion words




Negations of negation: Ugliness is negation of beauty, fear is negation of intimacy.

Pain and pleasure are the images of what is undesirable and desirable.

Expecting the undesirable what we don't wish - leads to morally bad feelings - unless we take the image to be incorrect.

Pain (and pleasure and other emotions) focus attention.

Imagining pain - we don't relive the pain, but we recall the pain - thus there is an inherent layer of reflection in the understanding.

Pain is like vision but cruder and without a clear referent - and the referent can have us focus on the whole situation, not just the source of the pain.

Emotions are based on expectations. And moods likewise - if they are grounded - but they may be simply random, in which case they are not based on any expectations. And so the physiology of emotion can affect us independently, without content, in the case of moods. Not so common with feelings because of the time factor - feelings are responses. Pain is not based on an expectation but rather on what we don't wish, thus doesn't have an intention.

Are pains not from unconscious? Because not based on expectations?

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