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Book: GreatBook

What are the qualities of a great book for a civilization?

Checklist for a "Great book" for a civilization.


A Great Book should include...

A great theme

which, in general, seems to be how a representative human stands up to the-powers-that-be.

A memorable character

Odysseus, Don Quixote, Jesus, Hamlet, Huckleberry Finn - a personality distinct from other people

An aphorism, a phrase that sums it all up

Love your enemy, fighting windmills, stream of consciousness

A range of small and large pieces

The Ten Commandments, The Sermon on the Mount, Kant's Prolegomenon, the "highlights", the "best parts"

An ever growing interpretation, performance and commentary

A mish mash of genres

An overall structure

A value system with related conflicts and resolutions

Multiple vantage points, but especially, "stepped in" and "stepped out".

A place, a time, a world of its own

Dublin, Ireland

A language that can be dead or alive, simple or obscure, created and creating

An embrace of earlier layers of culture

Incorporation into rituals

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