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Yes, I mentioned his video talks on his favorite numbers 5, 8 and 24: http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/numbers/

Aside from his wide, inspiring interests in math, he's also interested in saving the world from global warming, etc. The server for that project is managed by David Tanzer: http://www.azimuthproject.org/azimuth/show/David+Tanzer He writes: "My plan is to study math and science and then teach it to colleagues in software development. We need more scientists to solve the myriad of problems that beset the human race, and the world of programmers looks like a good recruitment base for the sciences. In the process I hope to develop myself as a scientist!"

So given interests expressed here, David Tanzer might be a great person to engage, and potentially the Azimuth Project and John Baez.

As far as saving the world, I think that the key problem is moral and social, learning how to love other people. And I think math literacy is a very concrete step towards that as regards global warming, its impacts and what we can and should do for each other.

I think that God, real or imaginary, (as with the numbers?) is most relevant here in the sense of a real and/or imaginary basis for human unity. Or simply wholeness as with the circle folding. But that is so foreboding a subject, kind of like math for so many people. So Andrius Philosophy World is very distant but I hope some day to be able to talk with people like John Baez about how that relates to 8, 24, Bott Periodicity, etc.

I want to say again that in the video on 24 he writes that the deep story behind it all may be that 24=6x4 where it is relating with 6 the structure of the Tetrahedron world and with 4 the structure of the Cartesian world.

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