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See: Logic notes, Topos, PVsNP

  • What is the basis for fallacy? Collect and categorize fallacies.
  • Study and explain the cognitive biases of Systems 1 and 2.
  • Understand how a Turing machine tape can be represented by two stacks for left and right.

Logic 逻辑

Wikipedia: Logic - A study of the form of argumentation, as opposed to the content. Thus logic considers general aspects of argumentation.

Universal logic

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  • There are only countably many computable programs, and so there are uncountably many nonenumerable sets. But in what sense are these a fiction? Show that any other mindset will also be in the same situation, but one such mindset (God's mindset) can simulate the situation of any other mindset. And those mindsets can simulate God's mindset. Thus consider our relationship with a Universally Superior Constructive Mindset.
  • Curry-Howard isomorphism (proofs = programs)
  • Jiri Raclavsky - Frege, Tichy - Two-dimensional conception of inference. Inference rules operate on derivations. Go from one truth to another truth, not from one assumption to another assumption.


81ukasiewicz logic

Darwinian axiomatic systems - complete but not consistent (bad variations go extinct) - Nicolas Lori


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