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Book: MathConnections

My philosopy's concepts in terms of math

I am expressing my philosophy's concepts in terms of mathematics. In particular, I wish to:

Some practical projects:

Structures to express

Four levels of knowledge (whether, what, how, why).

Six pairs of these four levels.

Divisions of everything

Express the eight divisions of everything, and the three operations +1, +2, +3, which act on them cyclically, in terms of Bott periodicity and the clock shift of Clifford algebras.


Languages of argumentation, verbalization and narration

Relate mathematics to three cognitive languages by which things come to matter (argumentation), have meaning (verbalization) and take place (narration).


God is a key concept for me. I am ever trying to imagine everything from God's point of view.

I think that the field with one element is a model of God's trinity. The sole element of the field can be interpreted as 0, ∞ and 1. 0 makes way for ∞ and 1 is their point of balance. God's trinity is the heart of God's dance. The various kinds of opposite are also I think important in driving God's dance.

I think that God gets expressed in math as the Center which generates the simplexes. Everything is then the dual of God, the Totality consisting of all of the vertices and all of the simplexes.

Four combinations of God and Everything generate four infinite families of polytopes and associated geometries and metalogics. I think these are the for representations of God:

The family Dn seems to model the equation of eternal life, namely, that God doesn't have to be good, life doesn't have to be fair.


Perspectives are important in my philosophy. There are several ways they appear in math.

Eightfold Way

Equation of Life

My philosophy

I think my philosophy may be an illuminating example for category theory. I mean that if we think of a functor F as going from a category C of our mental notions and association between them to a category D of linguistic expressions and continuations between them, then this particular application may also serve as a universally relevant interpretation and general foundation of category theory. It may indeed be meaningful to speak in category theory of a duality between paradigmatic application and universally relevant interpretation.

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