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Working Title:

Living Not Knowing

Learning, Growing, Living Forever - Here and Now

Main ideas:

  • I wish to know everything and apply that knowledge usefully.
  • Organizing the kingdom of heaven, a culture for fostering the growth of independent thinkers.
  • Our situation is ambiguous: We live entirely by knowing, and yet we don't know why we are here, neither where we are coming from nor where we are going to.

My overview will have 12 chapters.

Living by Questions

Expanded as: A Handbook for Investigators

From Relative Truth to Absolute Truth

  • Summary: The Truth: From Relative to Absolute
  • How to Derive God's Unconditional Perspective from Personal Perspectives?

Evolution of Independent Thinking

  • Personal Values, Questions Which Clarify Them, and Our Concerns in Life
  • We Learn to Stick Our Necks Out

Atlas of Conceptual Structures

  • The Meaningfulness of Creative Work and the Rules for Art
  • Mathematical Beauty Awakens the Imagination
  • A Research Program for a Taxonomy of Moods
  • The Circumstances for Moods: Tang Dynasty Poetry and Modern Geometry

Handbook of Ways of Figuring Things Out

  • Discovery in Mathematics: A System of Deep Structure

Chronicle of Growing Warm to God

Catalog of Concepts for Living Forever

  • The One Who Is Riled Is Wrong: A Dispute With Heidegger

Odyssey of God's Self-Investigation

The Absolute Truth

God's perspective: Is God Necessary?

  • God's Dance

My perspective: Who Am I?

  • Eternally Grow or Merely Live? The Enlighteners and the Unenlighteners
  • An Investigation of Responsibility: How Lithuanians Wronged Litvaks

Your perspective: How Are You?

  • Discovery in Mathematics: A System of Deep Structure

Other's perspective: Why Is Other?

  • A Science of How Prayer Works
  • An Economy for Giving Everything Away

Living as God

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