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Book: PersonalResponsibilityHolocaustNotes

Hitler - responsible for T4 - his belief in murderous eugenics; his sensitivity to what is politically possible; role of Jews in racial caste system; making money from Jewish emigration; not feeding Jews in East; testament of eradication of Jews; lack of creativity on Jewish issues; pornographic interest in Jewish suffering; willingness of solving by emigration to Madagascar, Lublin, Siberia; defeating Bolshevikism; taking credit for killing the Jews (?); last testament: focus on Jews, and his resolve that they should "pay for it"; focus on punishment of Jews rather than their elimination; elimination is not enough - but must be punished so that they feel remorse; push Jews outside of Europe; "the intoxication of murder".

He didn't believe Germans could kill women and children even as Lithuanians were proving that they could.

But many SS trained at Pretzsch supposed they would be invading Britain, and not all of their ruthless leaders were psychologically prepared to kill women and children. I

Stahlecker was a competitor to Heydrich







Alternative theories - "chaos happens"; there are so many crazy endeavors out there and only one of them needs to actually happen. But the endeavors that do happen are actually very simple (like kill the Jews). In any event, it is very constructive, instructive to show who can actually be found responsible, to be looking for them and learning from what happened. We need to be careful that there could have been many such people, but simply some are more visible. Or as with Hitler - on a different time scale is responsible - put into place Himmler, Heydrich - and made the final decision - but after Lithuania.


ar sukilimas neleido komunistsms psdegti miestus

not prepared - not enugh ss assigned anf leaders blume bluobel not psycologically prepare

graudenz - graefe and ernst damzog

ernst damzog. herbert lange personal initiative for hospital killings. odilo globocnik.

aptitude not enough crucial thing is willingness to sacrifice for the sake of an ideal and the drive to create the ideal, first in the mind


grammar of responsibility



General goal of depopulation. Issue of the Slavs. Subjugation.

Kaunas army had Stahlecker fly down and reprimanded him and forbade killings.

Blume and Blobel pscyhologically not prepared for mass killings.

Pogroms - make feel that Jews are guilty.

Jews are getting what they deserve.

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