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Book: PhenomenologyOfEmotion

I'm writing an abstract to participate in a conference in Kaunas at VDU.

I want to write about

Daniel Kahneman had roots as a Lithuanian Jew, his parents were from there, and this had a cultural influence on him, as did the Holocaust in Paris.


A Phenomenological Interpretation of the Dialogue Between an Emotional, Fast Thinking System 1 and an Rational, Slow Thinking System 2

Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky were the children of Lithuanian Jews and Polish Jews, respectively. They studied in Israel and ultimately moved to the United States.

Conference Details

Phenomenology of Emotions. The 4th Conference on Traditions and Perspectives of the Phenomenological Movement in Central and Eastern Europe

Abstracts should be 400-600 words long and they should be accompanied with a short bibliography. Abstracts must be prepared for blind review and sent to: phenomenology2018@gmail.com

Interdisciplinary and systematic approaches to phenomenology are encouraged.

The conference will focus on such phenomenologists as

and others.

The following topics will be prioritized: • bodily feelings, affects and emotions • empathy • shared emotions and intersubjectivity of feelings • aesthetic feelings and aesthetic perception • phenomenology of pain • emotions and embodiment • emotions and cognitivism • emotions and values • phenomenological approach to ontology and epistemology of emotions • phenomenology as descriptive psychology • transcendental understanding of emotions • phenomenology in dialogue with other approaches to emotions

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