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Book: PhilosophyClass

Handbook, Platonas, EthicsCourse, ShortBook, Readings

I taught a Philosophy class in Spring, 2018 at VGTU.

Philosophy game

Philosophy - Kulikauskas - Spring, 2018

Third class - working on their questions

What would they ask God?

Liminal thinking: Pyramid of Belief

Trever Maber: Ladder of Inference

Books to acquire

Changes in Requirements

Extra Credit: All those who are passing the class will get a one grade increase if they create and play a game to learn the following about the History of Western Philosophy:

Thinkers and readings

Breaking up the problem solving process

Give short excerpts (1 to 8 pages) from each book....

First class

Course outline

Ask students to watch the video about Liminal thinking and to think about their deepest value in life and their investigatory question.

Ways of knowing everything


Organizing examples of what is unjust and what is just. Categories:

LIFE - meaning of life, death, capital punishment, failure, social status

KNOWING consciousness, truth, integrity, authenticity

HAPPINESS happiness, eudaimonia, social status, philosophy of happiness

RIGHT & WRONG ethics, peer pressure, social justice, social equality

quotes, podcasts, videos, ted talks

Midterm: November 13, Final: December 11

Ask Why? you are asking your question.

Find a philosopher who wrote about your question.

Wisdom not interested in anything less. Problem of society - different than the wise man. Warning: Not listening to society but listening to the facts and abstracting from them.

Final report

Introduction (one page)

Literature (one page)

Methodology (one page)

Data (two or three pages)

Analysis (one page text plus one table and/or diagram)

Conclusion (one page)

Final exam

Be able to have an opinion, let go of it, formulate a data question, collect real life examples, analyze the latter, draw a conclusion.

Why are each of these problems? Because we are stupid.

I. Filosofijos objektas, jos kilmė ir reikšmė:

II. Būties teorija:

III. Pažinimo problema:

IV. Tiesos problema:

Užsakytos filosofijos knygos

Philosophy Midterm Report







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