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Book: RiemannHypothesis


an essay on the Riemann hyothesis, Alain Connes related to F1

An elementary problem equivalent to the Riemann hypothesis

The Riemann hypothesis over finite fields from Weil to the present day James Milne 2015

John Baez on RH and quasicrystals https://golem.ph.utexas.edu/category/2013/06/quasicrystals_and_the_riemann.html

The Riemann hypothesis in characteristic p, its origin and development Part 2. The first steps by Davenport and Hasse Von Peter Roquette (Heidelberg)

http://sagemath.blogspot.lt/2015/11/writing-prime-numbers-and-riemann.html mazur and stein slides and talk http://wstein.org/rh/

In search of the Riemann zeros: strings, fractal membranes and noncommutative spacetimes

elementary number theory stein

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