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The purpose of this handbook is to show that you can discover the answer to any question you may ever have.

You have to do the work yourself if you are to answer your question to your own satisfaction. This is in part because the question that you formulate can change as you investigate it. It can also give rise to new questions.

But the ways of figuring things out are basically the same. You may be familiar with many or all of them. But I wish to survey them for you so that you can see how they work together. Indeed, I hope that we might develop them as a science.

Answers have us choose one from among several perspectives. Questions have us step back and consider the bigger picture, the overall perspective. In the divisions of everything, one of the perspectives happens to be identified with this bigger picture and is considered to express it. Although that may be subject to change, perhaps as dictated by the six transformations.

There are four levels by which the questions have us step ever further back and the answers have us delve ever further in. And the six transformations take us from one level to another level.


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