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  • Make a diagram of concrete mathematical structures that I want to learn about, and related branches of mathematics.
  • Survey combinatorics, especially Stanley's book and Wikipedia, for the various kinds of combinatorial constructions.


Math Notebook: Investigations

  • Map of math How do math's branches, concepts and results unfold?
  • Binomial theorem The heart of mathematics. In particular, the reason why there are 4 infinite families of classical Lie groups/algebras.

Challenges in Math to take on

  • Understand the ways of figuring things out
    • understand the binomial theorem
    • explain the four classical Lie groups
    • express and apply four geometries (affine, projective, conformal, symplectic) and six transformations (reflection, shear, rotation, dilation, squeeze, translation).
    • relate level and metalevel in four ways to provide the basis for logic and geometry
    • understand the use of variables
  • Understand how math results unfold
    • the relationship between the concious and the unconscious, duality, logic
      • Langlands program, Poincare/Serre duality
    • the association of (conscious) questions and (unconscious) answers
    • theorems, and in particular, geometry theorems, Galois theory, the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, its proofs and its centrality
  • Understand the divisions of everything
  • Model how God goes beyond himself
  • Understand entropy as the basis for prayer
  • Completely characterize an area of math such as plane geometry or chess

Open math challenges to consider

Overviews of Math and Its History

Math to Learn

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