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2001.05.03 Love neighbor - 6+4 structures

Palyginti 6 lygmenų poras ir 6 pertvarkymus su dvejonėmis. Dvejonės išreiškia mūsų nuojautą nes gali būti septintas požiūris. O nėra septinto pertvarkymo (nebent vidinės santvarkos). Tad ką reiškia proto sugebėjimas ar nesugebėjimas aprėpti, 6 ar 7 požiūriai?

Išgyvenimų keturi lygmenys - asmenų tiesos - ir šešios rūšys.

There are six QualitiesOfSigns given by pairs of levels: malleable, modifiable, mobile, memorable, meaningful, motivated. I think that if we look at how variables are interepreted, then well find likewise a dual perspective on them. So there might be six ways to an interpret a variable/constant. I might study math texts to look for the different ways.

4 asmenys ir 6 suvokimai

[http://www.ms.lt/en/publishing/TheAlgebraOfCopyright.html | The Algebra of Copyright]

There are six ways of rethinking, and four ways of recaring. The six accord with the pretexts for outreach, and with extending the concern from self to neighbor. Each way of rethinking has a different domain, given by either self or neighbor, and either actions or thoughts or stands. Note that the sequence actions/thoughts/stands indicates a relationship with St.Peter's Keys to Heaven and verbalization.


See also: GoodUnderstanding, SecondaryStructures, PrimaryStructures

Embedding is the creation of the secondary structures by embedding a representation of God of a lower level into a primary structure of a higher level.

Interpreting the four levels in terms of the six levels makes them "inspired", forward-looking. Not just frameworks but including God. Example: good will makes the expectations "alive" through both criteria and topologies.

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