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Mano paroda vyko South Side Community Art Center. Executive Director Heather Robinson, hrobinson AT


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Hi This is Colossal, Please include my art show:

"God's Mind" is the sum of Andrius Kulikauskas's life work to know everything. He covers the walls with large canvases illustrating the world views of God, I, You and Other. How do we cross the river, the idea that God doesn't have to be good? Do we hop from rock to rock, or hold hands, or get hurled across? We arrive at Uzhupis, which means "across the river". And so we also celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzhupis, an artist neighborhood in Vilnius, Lithuania.

"God's Mind" opens Sunday, April 1, 3:00pm-6:00pm, at the historic South Side Community Art Center, 3831 S Michigan Ave, Bronzeville, Chicago. "God's Mind" closes April 29.

More photos and info at http://www.selflearners.net

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