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Mintys: Einsatzkommando2


Prof. Dr. Uwe Danker

I ask for help with the following mystery: Who in Einsatzkommando 2 was responsible for the Holocaust in northern Lithuania, and in particular, the killing of all 1,800 of Plungė's Jews on July 12-13, 1941, and the killing of the 800 male Jews of Telšiai a few days later?

Generally speaking, Einsatzkommando 3 conducted the Holocaust in Lithuania, and Einsatzkommando 2 conducted the Holocaust in Latvia. They were both part of Einsatazgruppe A. However, these killings at Plungė and Telšiai do not appear in the famous report by Karl Jäger, the leader of Einsatzkommando 3. From Einsatzgruppe A leader Walter Stahlecker's report of October 15, 1941, we know that there was a unit (I think about 30 Germans) of Einsatzkommando 2 based in Šiauliai, Lithuania (Schaulen in German), which was (nominally) responsible for the killing of 42,000 Jews in Lithuania. Who was in charge of this unit?


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