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Research carried out at the University of East London on the effects of the use of an electronic cigarette to reduce cravings in regular tobacco smokers showed that there was no significant reported difference between smokers who inhaled vapour containing nicotine, and those who inhaled vapour containing no nicotine. The report concluded that although electronic cigarettes can be effective in reducing nicotine-related withdrawal symptoms, the nicotine content does not appear to be of central importance, and that other smoking related cues (such as taste, vapour resembling smoke) may account for the reduction in discomfort associated with tobacco abstinence in the short term.


Dalį rūkorių netenkina e-cigaretės, matyt dėl to, kad jose nėra papildomų medžiagų, nuo kurių turi priklausomybę http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/general-e-smoking-discussion/312547-nicotine-absorption-contradiction-3.html

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2010 JAV-ių teisme: E-cigarette manufacturers had successfully proven that their products were targeted at smokers and not at those seeking to quit. FDA (14 February 2011). FDA regulation of e-cigarettes rebuffed again. American Medical News. Retrieved 21 February 2011. e-cigarette-forum, Oliver Kershaw

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