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Shut the door or open the door?

Hong Kong Baltic Way - or what distinguishes Lithuania from Latvia, Estonia?

Krupavičius quote

he knew full well - unity as a haven for criminals? Reivytis, Šimkus, Pyragius, Kviecinskas, Taunys, Impulevičius

Petras Požėla - until this year did you remove him from

A most enduring crime is to lend one's good name for a bad deed.

Laikinoji vyriausybė ir žydai. J. V. Balčiūnas, 1974 m. lapkričio mėn.

Eilberg cituoja

2010.01.21 Lietuvos istorijos institutas, Laurinavičius, Rudis apie "Žydų padėties nuostatus".

Gediminas Rudis, Lithuanian Historical Studies, 6 2001

AECHAMP, Balys Bedarfas, 1953, Mingailė Jurkutė, „Genocidas ir rezistencija“ 2017 m. Nr. 1 (41), JAV CŽV veikla vakarinėje SSRS dalyje. Išslaptintas archyvas ir galimybė tirti Lietuvos pokario istoriją



Grover R. Molonorie, Covert Security Clearance, granted on 21 June 1954,

AECHAMP, May 31, 1955: (see page 150) "Grover R. Molonorie, a covert contact, is a prominent newspaper editor and chairman of a Lithuanian political party. As such, he has access tO a large segment of the Lithuanian community. He is being used as a spotter of possible REDSOX and REDSKIN leads and is currently on a business trip to Europe, engaged in this type of activity. He does not receive any salary, but is reimbursed for traveling and operational expenses incurred on our behalf. He has a memorandum in lieu of contract." "Contact is maintained by letter via a mail drop, by sterile phone, and through occasional meetings with the the case officer."

AECHAMP, page 177. lip a Lithuanian who came out of the Soviet Union and a. defected in Berlin on 26 October 1955. He confessed shortly after his arrival in the West that his mission was to penetrate VLIK, a Lithuanian emigre organization, and to approach a member of VLIK with a copy of 4 recruitment statement that the latter had signed in 1941. After Subject's confession', arrangements were made to have him approach the VLIK member in a re-recruitment pitch as per his original HIS instructions. This meeting was held in a wired roam under controlled conditions in an effort ber would react to an BIB approach and if he to determine how the VLIK j as a fellow HIS agent. The VLIK would be hostile or accept member reacted by reporting The incident immediately to the field case • Officer and though admitting to having signed the recruitment statement, . denied that he had ever done any work for the RIS. He claimed he had signed the statement under duress and that it VW not uncommon at that time for the Soviets to pressure people into signing such statements. (Other sources tend to verify this claim.

Documents Accuse Nr. 52 (Žydų padėties nuostatai ?) tvirtina, kad:

Sužiedėlis Akiračiams pabrėžia, kad Documents Accuse skelbti dokumentai nėra klastotės

Kova dėl istorijos: Nenutylėti ir nenukalbėti Nerijus Šepetys - apie rastus dokumentus

Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act - "transparency in government"

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19 Jan 1962, Personally T.V. feels that B. is NOT a good man for us for he is overly publicity conscious and will attempt to use US for HIS purposes and will broadcast the relationship widely just at VLIK does. B. is a crackpot who has unrealistic grandiose ideas for returning to conquer Lith and be welcomed as a hero. H

Nazi war crimes are a sensitive subject - notable step of disclosing agents

In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis about Lileikis.

The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men By Eric Lichtblau

CIA and Nazi War Criminals: Chap.11-21: Chapter 15: Unfinished Business

Charles R. Allen, Jr.

Jewish Currents

Sovereignty and self-determination of the Lithuanian people vs. the dignity of humanity,

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