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Mintys: Laisvė


NonDefinitions of God: Good, Slack, Coinciding, Perfection


See also: {{Love}}, {{Understanding}}, {{Distinctness}}

Understanding is given by the {{Distinctness}} of the one who understands and the one who is understood.

Love and understanding work towards ever greater independence of the one inside and the one outside.



Laisvės atsivėrimas

Regarding those special moments of freedom, when we're not on auto-pilot.... I find them come up in a few practical ways. Every day when I wake up and I am most free, I try to contact God so that we are in touch, and listen to him as to what he might tell me, and take that in and write that down. I found a way to pray which opens this up for me, it is essentially the prayer "Our Father": I address God who loves me more than I love myself, wants me to be sensitive, responsive, alive more than I do for myself; and so I acknowledge that I'd rather he think than I think (thus in terms of his glory), he be than I be (so that for each person what they believe is what happens), he do than I do (good heart trumps good will); but when I'm not in touch with him, then I ask that he watch over me so that I might follow through on what I believe (and so be provided for at least today), I might reflect on what I follow through (including what I have done wrong) and I might take a stand on what I reflect (and not be led astray by my reasoning). That splitting of my mind (defer to God if I'm in touch with him; take responsibility for my own integrity if I'm not in touch with him) flattens me out so that I might recognize him as greater than me and might reft my closed shell of a world and open up a greater picture.

Then, I try to devote my best hour to what I care most to work in my life, and put my best creative energies into, which for me is my quest to know everything. It is awfully hard, often painful, but I try to do it so that I reach the point where I have found a new idea, observation, conclusion that means that I have come somewhere further in what I find meaningful, and so this day will not be wasted, but I can already mark off as a definitely meaningful day in my life.

I also find the freedom in those little gaps throughout the day where the opportunity to do good speaks up. It is the opposite of conscience. My conscience only says "no", this is wrong, which is important. But this voice says, I am free to do this, and it would be beautiful to live this. It might be that extra good thing to do which is not required, but simply and purely "extra credit" as they say in school. Something like: God wished this much, and that is fine, but he brought me here so that I might wish a little bit even more. And if that happens then I know that I can look back on the day and I did live.

You have written about how we are like crystals in a quantum world and designed to resolve ever growing complexities. I think that it is good that we set up parallel tracks (short and long time scales, many places in space) where we let loose the auto-pilots that we hold ourselves accountable to, because that is what interconnects our world. And then it all gets resolved in those little moments of freedom where we decide how to behave and we let things fall in place. Somehow they are connected.

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