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Mintys: Lou

Žr. Aprašas?

Using art to think through my prejudices, biases. Reflecting them with the colors.

You can't lie if you don't care. You must assent.

Understanding is segregating our thinking from our doing, thus planning, being conscious, unlike God. God becomes conscious through God's will latent within God.

Fundamental choice: When we look at God's eyes (or my eyes) we can choose to look at them or see through them.

Avoid evil - don't take up perspectives that won't let you take (your) perspectives, avoid getting trapped - Russel's paradox?

God is looking in the right direction, I is looking in the wrong direction, and so I is the "child" and God is the "parent", and recognizing this allows I to be the "lost child" who goes where his parents would look for him. I's looking is or would be "correct" if I looked through God's eyes.

God doesn't have expectations because God is not conscious and so prefers peace; but we have expectations because we are conscious and so we prefer happiness.

The blue child wants freedom, gap, slack to think on their own, figure things out, take small leaps, go on their own.

Human has rising consciousness (I,You,Other) compared with God and then allow God to be conscious through God's will.

Live by looking through people, not at them.

How is it possible for the world to evolve in such a way that people's absolutism evaporates?

How could society evolve to become more open?

We are "feeling ends" of God in this world. Don't assume God is complete. God as God's potential. God wishes. God can be represented only through his wishes, through his equivalence with his potentiality. God's potentiality is Love or God's Will?

How for people to see where they are stuck? and want to be unstuck? (Įvardijimas, širdies ir pasaulio tiesos. Palyginti su nesusivedimais) How to see what truth various worldviews contribute and what truth doesn't it?

God helps those who help themselves...

Absolute evil is not part of Jewish theology; nor is there a deification of absolute evil.

Do they think about the culture?

Buddhism deals with suffering

Art as a means for creating this culture.

Simi: Getting people to listen to themselves (silence allows for thoughts coming to the surface). Lou mentioned meditation.

You = not wishes?

God is headstrong... so why and how is God's trinity based on understanding? Is there a reverse engineering of God, from his potentiality, endowing him with "intelligence", "understanding" through the operation +1 ? Or is this consciousness (+3) of God, perhaps God's self-consciousness?

God, I, You, Other - persons - get turned around as God, Goodness, Life, Eternal Life.

You is outside of God's growing, I is inside of God's growing, Other is God's growing.

Is God's potential given by Good Will? or by Love? I think by Good Will.

Is God open to a wider fellowship from beyond God?

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