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Mintys: Neigimas

Negation is the insistence on an Alternative. It is relevant in the discussion of Necessity.

Negation requires {{Activity}}, thus energy. So negation maintains form but reverses meaning. For example, {{Same}} leads to {{Different}} and for this reason KeepSeparate = Not same leads to {{Equate}} = Not different.

Negation arises:

AnthonyJudge has been writing about positive and negative. So I will try to share my own thoughts on that and look for connection. {{Andrius}}

I'll try to think about "positive" and "negative".

In my understanding:

slack is the structure of good slack has two representations: increasing slack and decreasing slack I would say (or define):

In other words, there is:

I think that these representations (increasing slack and decreasing slack) may be thought of as identity. The unity of these representations is perfection.

This brings in the concepts:

This kind of thinking doesn't give Bad any independent footing (except as a false concept, a derivative fiction).

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