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Mieli dalyviai! Visa mano kūryba ir kartu visi šie puslapiai yra visuomenės turtas, kuriuo visi kviečiami laisvai naudotis, dalintis, visaip perkurti. - Andrius



The {{Beginning}} looks {{Forwards}} and the {{End}} looks {{Backwards}}. But then the {{End}} recognizes the primacy of the {{Beginning}} and also looks {{Forwards}}.


AndriusKulikauskas: I've always had trouble writing up my thoughts because they are murky, but even worse, they want to spin out in all directions.

  • My starting point is God, and the related concept of everything.
  • My ending point is life, as the fact that God is good. Life is the fact that God is good. Or more simply, Life is the goodness of God. Starting from just this one conclusion, I am able to explore {{Life}}, {{Good}}, {{God}}, {{Is}}, etc. and work {{Backwards}}, what do I mean? It's the conclusion that pulls everything together that I've been working on, and I find it attractive and natural. It leaves enormous room for clarification, elaboration. But it also works as a conclusion, in that I'm willing to take my stand here, and I'm able to confess my dogma, what I'll not retreat from. My [{{MinciuSodas/CoreValues}} core values], so to speak. This is a natural point of convergence, a conclusion from which I can work backwards and lead to all the structures that I know of.
  • There is a greater assertion, which I have drawn from the Gospel of John: "Everlasting life is the understanding that God is good." I am finding that to work from "Life is the goodness of God" is to work backwards, whereas to work with "Endless life is understanding the goodness of God" is to work {{Forwards}}. Just as my backwards-looking conclusion reflects my outlook, so it seems that the forwards-looking assertion reflects God's outlook, his venturing outwards to everlasting life. How may my looking back, or yours, find God and take up his looking forwards?


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