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"God's Mind" is thinker/artist Andrius Kulikauskas's transformation of one room into the sum of all knowledge. God starts and ends with the question, "Am I necessary? ... to them all?" It is the story of the good kid and the bad kid, of God inside and God outside, of how they and we are one or not. We must cross the river, the idea that "God does not have to be good!", whether by hopping from rock to rock in the shallows, or holding hands in a human chain, or "hitting bottom" and getting thrown across the rapids. We end up with a mind to learn, grow, live forever, here and now! Andrius engages our minds and provokes our hearts by engulfing us with black, white, blue, red and yellow fabrics; big, bright, bold paint strokes; dramatic scenes of himself and those he loves; and the many structures that frame our lives. God moves us to reach out beyond ourselves and do all the good we may do.

Come to our opening on Palm Sunday, April 1, 3:00 pm at the historic Southside Community Art Center, 3831 S.Michigan Ave.. We celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Uzhupis, an artist neighborhood in Vilnius, Lithuania. Uzhupis means "across the river" and is the utopic state of heart which we live in Bronzeville as well. Our festivities include induction of new ambassadors, a sip of Uzhupis beer, brewed in Chicago, and a video bridge with our friends in Uzhupis.

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