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Žr. Dievas Žr. taip pat: BeingAlone, Aloneness, Freedom

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Kas yra vienų vienas, tas turi pats atsakyti į savo klausimus.

God is Alone.

BeingAlone, Aloneness

The meaning of Alone

What is Aloneness? Aloneness is defined in any Scope as independence of any definition, perspective, context. Aloneness is the Onesome, the one perspective by which the one who perceives and what they perceive are the same. Perspective is Unity, the balance of going beyond oneself where the scope that restricts what one goes beyond from is Nothing, and thus one is expressed exactly by how one manifests beyond oneself. Aloneness is going beyond oneself, thus alone even from one's self. Definition negates Aloneness by separating the one who will go beyond (who knows) and the one who has gone beyond (is known). Knowledge negates God by keeping out (as unreal) that which has no expression (who defines) and that which has expression (is defined). In the case of knowledge, the one who knows is within system; in the case of definition, the one who defines is beyond system.

What does it mean to be alone? Consider one's aloneness in Scope.

What is aloneness?

How is aloneness defined? How is God defined?

The meaning of Who thereby evolves by necessity from particular to general and so includes every sense of Alone, thus every sense of Who. It keeps making explicit a self which God goes beyond as a flow of Truth, until with TripleSelf, God's Aloneness is explicit.

How are Aloneness and God related? Aloneness raises the question of the relation between God's perspective ("the perspective" beyond system, beyond meaning, beyond definition) and any perspective or context ("a perspective" within system, within meaning, within definition). Note that "a perspective" distinguishes one and all, whereas "the perspective" equates them.

Truth is alone in that by it God within and God beyond are the same. Structure is the negation of Truth. By Structure, Person is not alone, for Person within system is distinct from God beyond system. But GodTheFather, GodTheSon and GodTheSpirit, all beyond system, are one with each other.

A Definition and what it defines are distinguished, and thus related, by the Scope of Definition in four relationships, from implicit to explicit.

The nullsome is aloneness; the onesome is being one with, the overcoming of not aloneness. Knowledge negates aloneness, for it negates the representations of the nullsome. Definition negates the overcoming of not aloneness, for it negates the representations of the onesome.

The meaning of Aloneness changes with the relationship between God within us and God beyond us. The relation between these meanings is the relation between Persons, including God, and their love for each other.


To be not alone is

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