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Vilniaus Gaonas

INDEPENDENT TRIAL: Keep putting Scripture to memory

What is the life-source?

Repeatedly covering vast amounts of material

Know by heart backwards and forwards

Know all of the associations


TAKE A STAND Set expectations

FOLLOWING THROUGH Strenuous efforts

Refrain from sleeping

REFLECTING Noting one's own faults

Sorrow from failure after intense efforts

ALGEBRA: Take the law to heart absolutely

CENTER Fear God (also: Unrestrained positivity)

Noting divine warnings

BALANCE (Be off-balanced and thus balanced by God) Preference for conscious efforts. Singlemindedness

Compulsion that overcomes embarassment

POLYNOMIAL (Look from different sides.) Discussing the issue with somebody (also: Noting contradictions. Completing a half-formed thought.)

VECTOR SPACE (Levels of understanding) Divine assistance

Harnessing the unconscious (also: Finding the purpose in everything)

ANALYSIS: Be smart in satisfying the law

INDUCTION Valuing what offers a further reward above what is a reward in itself (also: Making efforts)

MINIMUM / MAXIMUM Noting the minimum to satisfy the law

Being maximally prepared. Take the commands to heart and be prepared accordingly

Keep the highest standards (to minimize risk of distraction)

Be influenced by holy intention

LEAST UPPER BOUND / GREATEST LOWER BOUND Comparable value - what takes precedence

LIMIT What is necessary and what is optional (Also: considering gain vs. risk)

Whose portion is greater (and surplus, beyond what is needed)


Avoid distractions

Total concentration

Devoting time

Occupy one's mind with what one must be prepared to do

Studying together (also: make the principles clear in one's mind)


CONTRADICTION It is not impossible to follow the law

MODEL (Internal cohesion) Counting (bookkeeping)

Linguistic and orthographic relationships

IMPLICATION Observing the progression of topics

VARIABLE Noting points of disagreement (also: Counting)


Returning to the answer as a distillation

Thoroughly chew

Read widely the holy books



Be forbidden to think about the Torah


Be taken for an ordinary person

Not worthy


Raštų paieškos

Jo raštai

Knygos apie jį

Straipsniai apie jį

Vilniaus Gaono vienišumas kaip Lietuvos civilizacijos šviesybė.

The Vilna Gaon as "the ordinary person", the upshot of all the Torah knowledge. Lithuanian civilization - Lithuanian ethnic characteristic - Litvak characteristic - the ordinary person.

Three aspects of reclusivity - absolute devotion to the Torah, complete removal of distractions, being an ordinary person


the Gaon returned to Vilna and his family. It was 1748, and he was only twenty-eight years old. The leaders of the community allotted him a small weekly sum from the fund established by his great-great-grandfather, Rabbi Moshe Rivkas, for the support of men who dedicated themselves completely to Torah study. BL 41


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