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Koks yra žinojimo tikslas? Kaip jį taikyti gražiai ir prasmingai?

Žinojimas leidžia mums išsakyti aplinkybes, kurių tikimės. Jos yra mūsų kultūra, jos tampa mūsų tikrovė. Ji gali būti mums bendra kultūra, bendra tikrovė, užtat ją lietuviškai vadinu bendryste.

Bendrystės, kurios siekiu, yra susikalbėjimas tiesa, būtent Dievo tiesa, visuotine, besąlygiška tiesa. Manau, ši tiesa prieinama kiekvienam savarankiškai mąstančiam.

Kada atsikėliau gyventi į Lietuvą, sugalvojau pragyventi įmone "Minčių sodą".

Rasti atitikmenį... "Krikštas", savo vardo atradimas, atgimimas.

Baden-Powell, skautybė

Klausiu žmonių, ką jie gvildena? Kurį klausimą dar nėra atsakę, bet norėtų atsakyti? Klausimus išdėsčiau dviem matais: Nuo paskiro asmens Aš iki bendruomenės. Tai bene didėjantis laisvumas, gerėjimas, branda. Nuo teigiamo (dvasios perteklius - bendra dvasia mumyse) iki neigiamo (dvasios stygius - žmogus be dvasios). Tai bene mažėjantis laisvumas.

Šv.Pauliaus himnas meilei pasako, jog visa Jėzaus dangaus karalystė nieko nereiškia be meilės. Tačiau būtent meilė leidžia išminčiai, tikėjimui, atjautai reikštis smulkiausiais mąstais, vietoj kad didžiausiais. Iš tiesų, meilė leidžia mąstams siekti nulį, tai yra, nieką (jis bene palygintinas viskam, betkam, kažkam, mažėjančiai apimčiai, kaip kad veiksmu +2). Tai yra kaip su neigiamais išgyvenimais, kylančiais iš nieko. Ir nors mes be meilės esame niekas, bet būtent iš nieko viskas yra sukurta. Šv.Paulius taip pat sieja meilę su tobulumu, tai reikėtų šitą ištirti šia prasme, koks jos ryšys su tobulumu ir netobulumu, ir taip pat, koks atitinkamas ryšys tikėjimo ir vilties, ir taip pat kitų nuspalvintų dorybių.

Įterpti: klausimyną: 12 klausimų šviesuoliams.

Užmojis, pobūdis ir saviugda

Apply my discoveries Conversing with: significance of knowledge In Lithuania, I needed a way to make a living, so I started up Minciu Sodas, a laboratory for independent thinkers, where I tried to make use of conceptual structures to structure our online space and activity. In fostering a culture of truth, I am sharing, documenting and structuring ways of figuring things out. My practical impulse has thus focused me on questions that engage what's at the heart of my personal life.775 F-0

Be naive Conversing with: my assumptions As I studied, I supposed that the more I learned in school, the more kinds of jobs I could do and find when the time came. I thought that math was practical and that I would find many ways to apply a Ph.D. Later, as I took loans and risks to start my lab, Minciu Sodas, I thought that I could always find a regular job if I failed. I thought so, accepting tenants of my environment. Now, I see differently, but my wholehearted naivete then, my lack of doubt then helps me as I now reflect and conclude.695 F-0

Find out for myself Conversing with: limits set by constraints From 1998 to 2010, I sought clients for Minciu Sodas and gained first hand experience of sorts in business.687 F-1

Have rapid cycles of learning When I started my laboratory, Minciu Sodas, in 1998, I was living month-to-month, even week-to-week, not certain what I would try next. I think I learned a lot this way because I had very rapid and flexible cycles of learning. I had long term rhythms in my life for what I knew was important, but a snappy cycle for responding to opportunities.1106 A-0

Create public space Conversing with: principles By organizing Minciu Sodas, an online laboratory, entirely public, I had the chance to watch people grow, mature, learn as they acted on their beliefs and reflected on the consequences.736 B3-0

Invite all people Conversing with: God's will In my activities, I've tried to be and stay open to everybody and not be exclusive. I have tried not to worry about people's intelligence, competence, reliability, wealth or niceness. This has helped me to be more flexible with regard to what might happened, how things might develop, and be more appreciative as to what other people might contribute. It has also gotten me to develop relevant filters, such as expecting certain behavior. I've focused on "independent thinkers", expected people to be accountable to their own deepest value in life, or to engage me based on their own question that they wish to answer.699 B4-0

Note what is interesting to others Conversing with: their attention I learn more with and from others by being open to what they are interested. In looking for work or clients, I look for who I might serve, and how. In organizing online groups, I center them around the deepest value of a leader. That way I hope that at least two of us, they and I, will be active. In general, I learn that there are people who are fascinated by things that I am not, but could be, and so they help me stretch and grow.650 B2-1

Try out all possible solutions Conversing with: impossibility In avoiding bankruptcy, I'm trying to take every reasonable step along the way. In trying to make a living from my business, Minciu Sodas, I kept looking for the most promising and sensible opportunity. In pursuing my sweetheart, I'm trying to show that I care about her in every way. In trying to save David's home, and especially, in encouraging him to take action to save it, I've tried to show that I'm ever interested. These are all areas where I can't assure my own success yet must try to do my part.755 C3-0

Reinterpret the system I used to think that I should be generous to the government with my money and pay it willingly and err on the side of paying more taxes. I wouldn't take the standard meal deductions because they seemed unrealistically large. But after having such a hard time with my business and realizing that there is nobody to care for me, I started to take them. I figured that this was the system's way of supporting me. 970 O-1

Make a back up plan Conversing with: support In embarking on my business, Minciu Sodas, to organize independent thinkers, I hedged myself and my debts with the thought that I would find work if my efforts failed. But then later I came to learn that, having taken my path, it was not so likely that I could get a job or that it could be honest work.697 T-0

What is fruitful is positive Sometimes, as my debts grew, I would wonder if I should have foresworn from ever going into debt. But time and again I realized that the pressure of my debts kept me from sitting still, from stagnating, and forced me to be enormously creative in ways that I probably would not have been otherwise. I realized that it was good, just as negative numbers are good, because they open up more possibilities.1108 R-0

Jesus focused on what is natural Sometimes, as my debts grew, I would wonder if I should have foresworn from ever going into debt. However, I realized the positive aspects of my debts. And I recalled that Jesus discouraged saving, but had much to say about debtors, which he seemed to take as the natural human condition, and which makes sense, given that we're created by God and raised by our parents.1109 C4-0

Increase God's possibilities Conversing with: God's will In 2002, I had reached my limits financially. I had failed to generate interest in an import/export standard for tools for organizing thoughts. I was in Chicago, and I had to think of finding any job. Indeed, my plan had been that, having a mathematics Ph.D. and some programming skills, I could always find a job. However, the US was in a recession. And I realized that my resume did not reflect a standard career and, with hundreds of people applying for each job, I would be weeded out early on for almost all jobs. Yet my own rationalizations could keep me from finding work, too. How could I know what to do? So I decided to increase God's possibilities by taking a fourfold approach. I applied for some full time positions. I applied for work through temp agencies (but the little work they had went to their earlier workers). I wrote some ambitious proposals for my lab (including writing a paper which won a travel award and took me to India and then home to Lithuania). I looked for part-time work through my network and was hired by Shannon Clark for a few months of corporate work that paid well. By taking all approaches I felt that I kept myself open to God's plans for me.693 B2-0


Correspond openly Conversing with: extensions By corresponding openly, through mailing groups with public archives, I am able to learn to what extent I shape a new culture or clash with an existing one. I learn how others maintain or influence a culture. I saw how Janet Feldman felt offended by my righteousness when I openly criticized Peter Ongele for asking me for funds rather than explaining when he would repay me the money I loaned him.734 B2-1

Writing letters in my mind I remember writing many letters in my mind, notably while I would ride my bike through the orchards of California's Central Valley and towards the Sierra mountains, when I worked in Visalia in 2001 as a software developer. Often, I never had a chance to write these letters, so they kept evolving. 1851 B3-0

Dialogue with another Conversing with: others as they understand themselves In speaking with others, I developed 12 questions that I thought were especially useful for understanding, engaging and supporting them.630 B2-1

Get out of my comfort zone Conversing with: self-check At times, I made an effort to go outside my comfort zone, especially to reach out to those who are marginalized. In 2006, I stayed for three weeks in Nablus, Israeli-occupied Palestine, and taught nonviolence there.704 F-1

Accept feedback from failure I was working to promote an import export standard through the Infrared Data Association. After a difficult start there was a meeting where we had a good chance of making it happen. However, as Rob Lockhart explained to me afterwards, I oversold, I tried too hard, I was too vocal and aggressive, and members backed away, and then afterwards the chance was gone for the whole endeavor. So that is where I learned what it means to oversell. Yet in my mind I felt that if that's what it all amounted to, then it was not a very important matter, and I would not fret that.971 R-0


Recognize that I have nothing better to do Conversing with: causes Why do I want to know everything? Why am I organizing the kingdom of heaven? The most relevant answer that I have found is simply that I have nothing better to do.796 20-0 Pastaba: Užtat gal Minčių sodas negalėjo tikti, nes tikslas visgi pragyventi.

Vouch for my beliefs with my own life Conversing with: my rightness As I developed the good will exercises, I wanted to learn from other people's experiences, and I wanted to foster a shared culture. But I thought it would be wrong to lead people to do what I wouldn't do myself. That would be to abuse them. So I've always looked to experiment on my own life, and especially in spiritual matters, to vouch for my beliefs with my own life. That helps me be in touch with my own beliefs.647 0-1

Center conversation within their expertise Conversing with: people's wisdom People aren't generally interested in my philosophical thinking or can't engage me regarding it. So I've learned it to speak with people about their subjects of expertise or interest, especially with my friends, such as psychology with Shu-Hong Zhu, math and physics with John Harland, cognitive science and neuroscience with Giedrius Buracas, and subsequently, with thinkers at up to twenty working groups at my online lab, Minciu Sodas. Through these fields I'm able to express and develop my philosophical ideas and find where they are relevant.783 1-0

Example (34) Caring about thinking I organized the Minciu Sodas laboratory in terms of ten online spaces to support ten different goals, four of re-caring and six of re-thinking, towards our overall goal of "caring about thinking".1706 AL

Structure laboratory around endeavors based on metaphysical categories Early on, I organized Minciu Sodas around a system of ten categories (four for supporting caring, six for supporting thinking) much as in the absolute learning of the House of Knowledge. I was hoping that what we learn from our activity would yield insights to the metaphysical structures and vice versa. Ultimately, I abandoned this to organize around individuals and their deepest values.1471 CB-1

Express in Lithuanian Conversing with: meaning of an expression Lithuanian words are transparent in meaning. So I try to express concepts in Lithuanian to understand them. I thus expressed "culture" as "commonality".760 CB-1


Ranking first hand experience Conversing with: value I have collected distinct answers from more than 600 people to the question, What is your deepest value in life which includes all of your other values? In 2006, I tried to make a map of these values by asking my lab's leaders to rank 30 values as to which they personally felt closer to, and which farther from. I thought of these different scales as sonar readings from which I could reconstruct the underlying geometry.634 31-1

Appreciate a person's weakness Conversing with: obstacles I once asked a colleague what their deepest value was and, when they told me, I was taken aback, because I thought it personally happened to be their weak point. As I thought about myself and others, I decided that a person's deepest value is both their strong point and their weak point.751 21-1

Accumulating first hand experiences*** What is the variety of experience? Conversing with: others' experiences I've asked hundreds of people, What is their deepest value in life which includes all of their other values? I learned that some people have a deepest value and have formulated it, others feel it but haven't expressed it in words, and others don't have one that they know of. I learned that whether or not they have one seems to relate to their maturity as independent thinkers; that the deepest value seems to arise from the challenge of integrating competing values; that two people may give it the same name, but when asked further, mean different things; thus that each person seems to have a unique deepest value. Similarly, I've interviewed people about their questions that they don't know the answer to, but wish to answer, as well as their endeavors and dreams. I've also collected episodes in my life, such as ways that I addressed doubts with counterquestions. 612 C2-1

Collect investigatory questions Conversing with: person's vitality What is a question that you don't know the answer to, but wish to answer? I have collected such investigatory questions from about 200 people. They are deep, beautiful, profound, inspiring questions. They have enormous variety. They are related to people's deepest values. They show how a person is growing. They can be studied in terms of their structure.731 B3-1

Collecting endeavors Conversing with: aims In 2007-2009, in leading the Minciu Sodas laboratory, I collected endeavors from more than 100 participants. This helped me know who actually wanted support and how we might organized around them. What endeavors were key, strategically? I noticed how narrower endeavors supported broader endeavors.604 B3-1

Relate endeavors Conversing with: might In 2007, I asked participants of Minciu Sodas, my online laboratory, what did they want to achieve? Then I organized the endeavors with a diagram, a map, where broader endeavors led to narrower endeavors. The broadest endeavor I took to be God's endeavor, to reach the hard to reach.732 B3-1

Identify strategic endeavors Conversing with: productiveness I drew a map of endeavors for the Minciu Sodas laboratory and our participants to show how they can all be related. Then, as Direktorius, I chose strategic endeavors which I should invest my efforts in because they would best leverage our efforts on behalf of all of our endeavors, including my quest to make Minciu Sodas viable so that I could make a living.733 B3-1

Compare perspectives Conversing with: dialogue I compared my answers to the 12 questions with what I imagine God answers to be. I realized that I live in circumstances but God does not; and that I myself wish for God to be, but God need not wish to be. My perspective sometimes differs from my parents' and other people's.593 21-0

Distill the essence*** What are the constituent elements? Conversing with: ideal interlocutor Andrius's and God's answers to the 12 questions. 598 CB-1


Comprehending my role Conversing with: everybody After I concluded my quest to know everything with my video summary, "I Wish to Know", and after I failed to make Minciu Sodas a viable business because our culture was too weak, I thought about my own role. I had worked to include others as equals in a culture, although of evidently different levels of maturity. But now I thought that, given my goal to apply my findings and foster a culture, I should appreciate my own role in that. I myself might be more central to such a culture than I had supposed.642 T-1

Taking to heart people's perspective Conversing with: people's inclinations People weren't very interested in my laboratory's services. I keep their interests in mind to know that my activities aren't central or basic in most people's lives and that I may be fundamentally on the wrong track.643 B2-1

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