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[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/livingbytruth/message/277 March 4, 2003]

--- In consideringGod@yahoogroups.com, Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@m...> wrote: > Hi David, > > Thank you for your most recent letter. I wrote a reply, but didn't > send it out, and have lost it somewhere. I don't know what to say > regarding the problem of how all such knowledge might be misused. > I just think that it's fair to expect God to take care of a lot of > this. Certainly if we ourselves are proceeding in good will, so > that's always important to check. Also, my feeling and experience > is that the truly deep knowledge is available only through our > purity of heart, our clarity of purpose.

This is what I find so troubling; my goal was to reach into the deepest depths of knowledge and bring everything to light, regardless of any person's purity or clarity they would be able to see and use it all... At this very point I have always been lost between oblivion and paradise; the coherence of humanity seems so capable and ready, yet I am so weak and so easily lost.

> So that in itself is a check on misuse. Finally, how can we know > that hesitating is any better than pursuing?

I have hesitated for many reasons; sometimes because my own designs had flaws and I sought even more potential from better designs that could handle even more extremes, other times the hesitation was only from fear, the locked path which stood gated and far away my mind, until I let thoughts settle and worked on other problems which let me find the keys and wander back.

Luckily, I still see progress in the world and in it I see hope, slowly and in the right direction but ever so painfully slow.

I guess its all apart of my perspective: Within language and metaphors we can share the world of hope, beyond them we can barely dream of better days and of more sanity. All I ever wanted was to create something *new*.

> I started reorganizing my notes at > http://www.ms.lt/def/outline.html and > hit upon a better sense of the overview. I'll write about that > here. And I've started to work with Personal Brain on this, so I > hope to make that available in the coming weeks. > > I had noticed how the unfolding of everything was based upon the > divisions, and their role in making definitions.

I find the divisions almost impossible now, they seem so "fake" to my mind; I say that because the moments that separate them also connect them, at least in my mind. Having zero perspectives, to me, is like sitting on the inflection point of time; everything is, everything accelerates, everything connects, every last piece that is viewed as 'separate' is the only wrong, and humans currently cannot see that they do that to almost everything - they are apart of our growth and in them we hide, until we see something and form connections, creating life where once only barren voids were.

> So that is how > everything starts out. Now what I've noticed is that there are a > lot of very important facts about life that have to do with the > upshot of life, how it concludes. It's very helpful to separate > these out. I've realized that they are all about the coherence of > everything, rather than the unfolding of everything. I think they > are organized by the "I am..." statements of Jesus, and they can be > considered in reverse order, so that each expresses coherence with > fewer and fewer perspectives, getting down to the core essence of > life, which has zero perspectives, and is God, "I AM". Perfection, > I suppose. I imagine that this is related to the outlook that > you've been expressing.

Yes, very close to this... The 'zero perspectives' twisted my mind to its braking point several times, already, and in some ways I think I'd be happier if I'd never found it. Maybe, ever so improbable, I'll get away with leaning every perspective towards the good and letting humans learn the rest only after knowing where it all leads, no matter how impossible the odds of getting there are - progress forwards is after all the only direction to go...

Its amazing how improbable our own existence is, though only because of perfection it is possible at all, and to think that we sometimes value it so little and forget so easily of its enduring qualities... I hope it works out for the best!

Regards, David C. Kankiewicz

P.S. I might not get back to any replies for a long while..........

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