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Mintys: DievoĮsivaizdavimas

Dievas, Metraštis

AndriusKulikauskas: In 1994 I went through the first book of Psalms to consider every way that God is imagined. My idea was to think of God as a "dummy variable" that can reveal all the manner of backdrops that constitute the vocabulary of our imagination (such as Supports, Holds, Removes). Then I related these with the {{Topologies}} that I generated through mind games (such as Exist, Act, Think).

Exist = Supports: My enemies surround me, but I am on the Rock. I fight from an advantageous position. I may fight for a long time, but I do not lose for God is my support. In the end my enemies conclude that they cannot win and they withdraw in panic.Act = Holds: I run to the Lord and he holds me: he provides refuge from the godless. They are cut off from his refuge and the eternal blessings of the Lord. While there is a threat to me, can I glorify the Lord and not risk bringing shame to myself and to my Lord ? But my joy is secure! I glorify the Lord!Think = Removes: I am in great trouble. The Lord removes me: he pulls me out of trouble and places me on secure ground.
One = Chooses: The Lord may compel his subjects, but then they would not have free will. Instead the Lord chooses me to rule. Man is chosen to rule creation and the Messiah is chosen to rule the peoples. To rule is not to compel but to direct those with free will. I warn you not to seek freedom from the Lord but to submit of free will. The Lord and I fight on the same side. If you do not submit of free will, then the Lord will force you to submit.All = Tests: The justice of the Lord demands that all succumb to their own devices. I am good and have nothing to fear from his test.Many = Completes: The Lord who compels the world is the Lord who saves the weak from the strong. The Lord who creates the world does not abandon interest in his creation. The Lord completes what he has started. I rely on his commitment. My gratefulness is also complete: I publicly proclaim that the Lord is true to his word. And so the glory of God spreads from one heart to another. It compels all before it. The Lord is eternal through this everlasting glory.
Object = Points: I turn to the point of light: the light points that I may follow. It is the essence, the life, the law: "the good" from which all emmanates. I turn away from the godless and towards the law. The godless go to each other for advice, but I look to the law. I write it in my heart and the Lord fulfills my requests. What I want is what he wants for me.Process = Drives: The Lord shows sinners the way: they trust in him and he prods them along. He drives to the good those who trust in him.Subject = Restrains: When I transgress against the Lord I may expect him to destroy me. For my transgression shows that I am opposed to the Lord. Yet I acknowledge my sins to the Lord and beg him not to destroy me. Will the Lord destroy his own servant? The Lord restrains his wrath: he teaches me rather than destroy me. He thereby shows me his kindness.
Necessary = Reveals: The violent only attack the weak. The spirit of violence is ambush. The violent always attack by surprise - they lurk behind lies. One is shamed when one's plans come to light and are thereby foiled. If the wicked are successful, then the weak are shamed for having placed their faith in God, and God is shamed, for he is the champion of the weak. But the voice of the Lord reveals the plans of the wicked. He foils the wicked and puts them to shame.Actual = Returns: The Lord always checks up on the godfearing man, but he ignores the godless forever. The godfearing man may have troubles, but the Lord forever remembers him. He returns to him regularly. The godless may seem to be well off, but he is left to rely on himself and ultimately perishes.Possible = Leaves: I am proud of my strength. The Lord leaves and I learn that my strength comes from him. I turn to him and ask him to come back, but he takes his time in accordance with my pride.

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