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http://groups.yahoo.com/group/livingbytruth/message/365 October 13, 2003]

Andrius, Id like to disagree radically with your claim that there are very few cognitively genuine structures. Just now Im working with a student on structures for computer generated multimedia events, and also on a course on how music works in anime (Japanese animation) and other multimedia works, and have been strongly struck by the enormous variety of possible structures. This is not just some vague intuition, followed by making a list of what intuition came up with, but an empirical investigation of actual works, using formal notation, and asking the hard question of what it would take to in fact generate that work. The problem is that there are many different threads that hold these works together, including narrative, metaphor, image, color, texture, pace, and more, all interleaved in a most complex way; even the structure of narrative is much more complex than you might at first imagine.

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