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Mintys: Prielaida

Žr. požiūriai, vaisingos prielaidos, žinynas, požiūrių sudūrimas. Assumption, supposition.


Kas yra prielaida?

The goal is for a one-track, deterministic thinking to be able to take up a multiple-track, nondeterministic thinking.

Prielaidos ir sąvokos

Note that a supposition may be both a Perspective and a Concept - and that this is all pre-logical - so we're able to stretch logic.

A {{Perspective}} is a supposition that is attributed to a {{Viewer}}, so that responsibility is with the viewer. The perspective goes beyond itself, and so it can give {{Focus}}.

Going beyond is an activity that is very natural to God and that nicely describes how a perspective is reaching out beyond itself.

Compare suppositions with claims. Claims are statements of what is true, whether suppositions are just statements. Perhaps claims are second order suppositions, they come from views of views.

So I would like to express God's understanding of the human in a language that a human can understand. Key to that language is the relationship between {{Love}} and {{Understanding}}:

Kategorijų teorija

Suppositions are very natural in Category Theory as they are much like statements and there are all manner of logics for them. The key difference is that suppositions don't need to have any particular form. They are pre-verbal. For example, the person I mean by "I" is simply a "supposition".

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