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Terry Mace, Wales:

Dear Markus, your last post interested me and I thought I'd quickly make these observations to you and all who follow our posts, threads and discourse.

You say, 'we should pray for this' meaning I think the hope that the USA will not place more troops upon the land of Iraq.

Markus, isn't this simply another way of saying, 'let God do our will' but not the will of the Americans. Was this not the conceptual and spiritual premise from which the initial Christian Crusades heralded?

For example, our will, be it Gods or the ego's over another's will.

To me, this sounds like 'subjugation', 'control' and 'judgement'. If we follow through this philosophical construct who is to say our will is the correct one?

What if, it is Gods will that 20,000 further troops walk upon the soil of Iraq?

What if it's Gods will if your prayer is answered?

What if it's Gods will that God has no will?

What, if God simply doesn't have a will.

Who will we pray to then?

When you say we should pray, to whom, Markus should we pray?

To whose God should we pray?

Ours, theirs or another's?

Just how many Gods should we pray to?

The God of our understanding?

A biblical iconic God?

A Demi-God?

The God that tells President Bush that his is a, Righteous Anger and another 20,000 soldiers must go to another foreign land to fight another war...

Or, to Markus's God who would see the senselessness of such an action?

Markus, I'm not supposing for one moment that I have an answer or 'the' answer!

Not at all, however, I'm aware that my own experience to date of prayer and God, Gods or The God-Head, Goddess adinfinitum is based in very solid principles of both experiential meta-physics and more modern thinking within the realms of, quantum-physics.

Both principles seem to point towards a convincing reality that says, 'what we think, affects what we see'!

Markus, my question then is this:

Instead of praying, what if we simply changed our mind and thought pattern?

What, if we became as a result insightful and conscious?

Just as fear is contagious and death is an illusion as nothing organic and carbon based ever dies it just simply changes and metamorphosis's so it is with minds...

If we change out minds, will the world we see including war, peace, love and hate also change?

What if we just simply changed our thinking so powerfully that the universe and our construction of the universe subsequently changed along with our own temporal and physical reality?

What if the theory of quantum physics that a singular and indivisible construct is and has always been in existence and from which and from whence we came into duality via the big-bang? What if we can once again embrace this singularity?

Markus, as always I offer these thoughts by owning them in my statement: 'I teach that which I need to learn.'

Finally, you comment, 'we should create a topic of love', that sounds like a very interesting and possible topic for all of us as independent thinkers may wish to consider!

Shall we put this to our forum?

Who thinks a 'working-group' called - 'exploring-love' is a good idea?

I'd personally be very happy to either facilitate this or, co-facilitate...

For all my relations...


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