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Mieli dalyviai! Visa mano kūryba ir kartu visi šie puslapiai yra visuomenės turtas, kuriuo visi kviečiami laisvai naudotis, dalintis, visaip perkurti. - Andrius



===Some Comparisons and Parallels===

{{FranzNahrada}} I had some talks with Andrius concerning the paths that someone might find into his thinking by coming from various points in the history of human thoughts.

So I will add to these musings irregularly what I find in my mind.


It seems compelling when you read Andrius thoughts and compare them with Hegel. See a good reference [http://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/hegel/works/hl/hlbeing.htm here]

So what is the difference? I think its the "identifying drive" of Hegel that forces him to put all perspectives into one notion.

(To be worked on)

===American Indians===

have a beautiful concept of "eight perspectives" as the ultimate structure of living.

(To be worked on)



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