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Juodraštis? FFFFFF

Užrašai EEEEEE

Klausimai FFFFC0

Gvildenimai CAE7FA

Pavyzdžiai? ECD9EC

Šaltiniai? EFCFE1

Duomenys? FFE6E6

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Pratimai? FF9999

Dievas man? FFECC0

Pavaizdavimai? E6E6FF

Istorija AAAAAA

Asmeniškai? BA9696

Mieli dalyviai! Visa mano kūryba ir kartu visi šie puslapiai yra visuomenės turtas, kuriuo visi kviečiami laisvai naudotis, dalintis, visaip perkurti. - Andrius



AndriusKulikauskas October 27, 2009 10:53 CET Occasionally I've had very vivid dreams related to my philosophy. I will write them here.

In college, my freshman year, I heard God say that the fundamental knowledge is: Those things are which show themselves to be.

It wasn't a dream, but I think in my senior year I asked God what kind of math is relevant for my philosophy, and I think he said "walks on trees" consisting of nodes representing the nodes of the Threesome (I used the letters C, I, U for communal, individual, universal).

In graduate school, I heard God say that the fundamental unit of information was partitions (stacks of rows of cells, shorter rows stacked on longer rows, left justified) filled with two kinds of slashes, short or long, one per cell. It sounded like God's voice but I think it came from a lawn mower outside.

AndriusKulikauskas October 27, 2009 10:53 CET Last night I dreamed four rows of simple structures, like beads, as if recurring periodically, in pulsating waves, like strings of atoms moved by sound. The beads were simple colors like red and blue, each line the same color. The far row and the near row consist of single beads, I think red, symbolizing the Onesome. The middle rows (in blue) were (farther) the Twosome (one bead after another) and (closer) the Threesome (three beads in a circle, with the third lagging behind the other two). A bead would come from the side row and ricochet into the Twosome, knocking it's bead out into the side row, leaving temporarily a hole. Likewise it would come from the side row and ricochet off the Threesome, which would temporarily have a hole then come together anew with the new bead. A sort of replacement of beads leaving holes.


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