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See also: {{Operation}}, {{Structure}}, {{Factors}}, {{Self-understanding}}



The basic kinds of activity are given by the {{Factors}} that arise from the {{Operations}} acting on the {{Onesome}}. These are ways of extending the meaning of a whole.

Activity is doing what one was not doing - and likewise onto that which was not doing it. Hence it is a two step phenomenon. Doing what one was not doing - this brings to mind the notion of InvestigatoryQuestion.

Consider if I mean everything or God? Everything is unbounded (no external context), so it goes beyond itself into the bounded. (But also - everything is its own bound, whereas God is unbounded as the nullsome).

What is the activity of {{Something}}? To recur. [This is the nature of life. Life recurs because of its boundedness. In this sense death also is important constraint for life.]

So anything is, just like everything, open (accepts all things) in that it is open to everything. Anything's openness is through recurrence, and everything's openness is through going beyond itself.

But everything might not go beyond itself, might be inactive. In this case it is nothing. And anything might not recur, might be inactive. In this case it is something. Nothing and something are closed. [Check this: The activity of something is to "not go beyond itself" and the activity of nothing is to "not recur".]


See also: RecurringActivity, SharedUnderstanding, [AddThree +3]

Interplay relates {{Structure}} and {{Activity}} by way of the {{Slack}} between them, especially through recurrence:

Pasikartojanti veikla

See also: {{Activity}}, {{Structure}}, RecurringStructure, SharedUnderstanding, {{Empathy}}, ZeroStructure, {{Slack}}. {{Interplay}}, {{Factoring}}

Recurring activity suggests ZeroStructure (and {{Slack}}).

Activity evokes structure - recurrent activity establishes structure. Structure restricts activity. The relationship between structure and activity is yet loose, and this looseness is slack. It is a rule of thumb, a pattern.

Everything is the structure of God. Everything is evoked by God's activity of going beyond himself. God goes beyond himself into the good.

Good is slack, and this slack is given by the looseness between activity and structure. Activity evokes structure - this is increasing slack (because the structure is new, and so therefore is the slack). Structure channels activity - this is decreasing slack (because the activity is already there, and can only be restricted)..

The activity of everything is to go beyond itself. Everything is, hence is; and is not, yet is. This is the division of everything into two perspectives, for the sake of existence.. Everything is open and unbounded, and so it goes beyond itself into the bounded. (0+2=2)

Activity is the operation +2. Anything is open and unbounded, it is the onesome, the division of everything into one perspective. Everything goes beyond itself into anything. Anything (in the abstract) is the example of everything.

The activity of anything is to recur. Anything is open and bounded, hence recurs. Anything recurs in three ways: in taking a stand, in following through, and in reflecting. This is the division of everything into three perspectives, for the sake of participation. (1+2=3)

Everything may not go beyond itself, and so there is nothing: closed and unbounded. Anything may not go beyond itself, and so there is something: closed and bounded. There are four perspectives in parallel.

The representations of everything: everything wishes for nothing, something, anything, everything. (Something is not everything, nothing is not anything). These are also properties of God. Representation is the providing of scope.

2005.01.29 {{D}}: A� tave laiminu. Būk nuolankus, geras ir mylėk. {{A}}: Kaip pasislinkimas sutampa su tavo i�ėjimu u� savęs ir trejybės pasisukimu? {{D}}: A� save pa�įstu ir jūs save pa�įstate, o tai yra tas pats pa�inimas.

2005.01.22 {{A}}: Kaip tu atsirandi pasislinkime? {{D}}: Kada tu i�eini u� savęs, tada ir a� kartu i�einu u� savęs. {{A}}: Įsivaizduodamas tave? {{D}}: Taip ir bendraujant su manimi kaip su lygiu.

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