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Andrius Kulikauskas

  • +370 607 27 665
  • My work is in the Public Domain for all to share freely.

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Andrius Kulikauskas,, +370 607 27 665.

Overview of My Research

I seek to know everything and to apply that knowledge usefully.

The Truth: From Relative to Absolute is an illustrated guide to my program of documenting our personal perspectives, our relative truths, and then abstracting from them an unconditional perspective, the absolute truth. I suggest the following six steps:

  • Ask people, What is your deepest value in life, which includes all of your other values? and What is a question that you don't know the answer to, but wish to answer? I learned to do this as organizer of Minciu Sodas, 1998-2010, my online laboratory for serving and organizing independent thinkers. See: The Orchard of Thoughts...
  • In focusing on our values and questions, recognize that our minds rely on a very limited set of cognitive frameworks, for example, divisions of everything into two perspectives (such as "free will" and "fate" in matters of existence), three perspectives ("taking a stand", "following through", "reflecting" in matters of participation) or four perspectives ("whether", "what", "how", "why" in matters of knowledge). Make an atlas of cognitive frameworks. See: Time and Space... and Consciousness...
  • Working together as investigators, in all manner of disciplines, collect and systematize the Ways of Figuring Things Out... These systems reflect the human capacity for a Grammar of Games... In particular, I am studying the ways of figuring things out in Mathematics...
  • Having thus fostered a shared culture of inquiry, and accumulated evidence for a metaphysics of cognitive frameworks, we can consider our personal experience from engaging an an absolute point of view, or simply, God's point of view. How does it grow warmer?
  • We can then meaningfully express our personal findings about God and life, such as "God does not have to be good", "Life does not have to be fair." I have been investigating responsibility for the Holocaust in Lithuania...
  • Finally, we can imagine God's point of view. I imagine God's Dance... whereby God investigates, Is God necessary?

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A Culture of Independent Thinkers


My work

Currently, I am writing up my findings from hundreds of investigations in a wide range of disciplines. In the next two years, I plan to write dozens of academic articles.

I'm intensely and openly learning and researching math. Here is my math notebook of results I'm working on and writing up.

Ultimately, I wish to work together towards a culture of investigation. I'm organizing the website to collect and present:

For the reader: About these pages

  • Text in white: This is text which I try to make understandable to you, my reader.
  • Text in grey: These are notes to myself which I don't try to make understandable.
  • Text in yellow: These are questions I ask myself that I'm working on.



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