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  • My work is in the Public Domain for all to share freely.

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Andrius Kulikauskas,, +370 607 27 665:

I'm writing up my philosophy. These pages are for my work in English:

  • I'm intensely and openly studying math.
    • I'm trying to show that my philosophy and implicit math provide insight into all of mathematics, but especially, the big picture.
    • I'm studying math to model God and ethics.
  • I'm writing abstracts of talks about my philosophy that I could give at academic conferences and then write up as papers.
  • I'm writing for my students a short book on how to investigate any question.

Also, in Lithuanian, I'm writing a long book on all of my philosophy. I may also share parts of that in English here.


I'm writing a paper based on my talk, A Research Program for a Taxonomy of Moods.

I wrote a proposal to the Lithuanian Science Council.

For the reader: About these pages

  • Text in white: This is text which I try to make understandable to you, my reader.
  • Text in grey: These are notes to myself which I don't try to make understandable.
  • Text in yellow: These are questions I ask myself that I'm working on.


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