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2016 birželio 19 d., 15:17 atliko AndriusKulikauskas -
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[+The Truth+]

[[ | My e-book '''The Truth''' is at Amazon!]]

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My book is in the Public Domain. I welcome your donations! Please send them by PayPal to MS@MS.LT

[+What is this book about?+]

In this highly personal work, Andrius Kulikauskas summarizes and illustrates all that he has learned so far in his 42 year quest to know everything and apply that knowledge usefully.

Andrius organizes his findings as six lessons which take us from relative truth to absolute truth. The lessons relate four points of view: Them, You, I and God. Each lesson lays out its truth with a relevant visualization that pairs a sequence, hierarchy or network as an evolution, atlas, handbook, chronicle, catalog or odyssey.

"The Truth" is an innovative book of visual thinking. It is a litany of more than 300 deep thoughts, each expressed with a few sentences and an associated black-and-white image. Andrius aspires to present the deepest truths to the widest audience. As a self-taught artist, he provokes our emotions with art work he created in Lithuania and Chicago, including oil pastel portraits, large figurative installations, outdoor sculpture, printed boxes, learning canvases, animation, a see-through labyrinth, metaphysical diagrams, and photos from all stages of his life. He appeals to real life with photos he took of the eviction of his friend David Ellison-Bey from his home in Englewood, Chicago, as well as gang members whom Andrius engaged in Pavilnys, Vilnius.

The reader who absorbs this book will learn:
* to know themselves and others by asking questions such as, What is your deepest value in life, which includes all of your other values? and What is a question which you don't know the answer to, but wish to answer?
* to map out the limits of our minds, and see how our values clash, and in particular, how we divide everything into two, three or four perspectives;
* to investigate any question creatively with a system of 24 different ways of figuring things out;
* to imagine and hear from a God who loves us more than we love ourselves;
* to live as a "good kid" rather than a "bad kid", and so to define every moment as taking place in the mindset of eternal life, where God doesn't have to be good, and life doesn't have to be fair;
* to imagine a God who asks, Is God necessary? and makes way for us to discover if he will arise as Love in each and every person;
* to note how the above six understandings lead us step-by-step from our personal, relative truths to an absolute truth that we can foster as a shared culture;
* to appreciate the six understandings as a taxonomy of paradox, and to look for absolute truth in the gap that paradox reveals;
* to make the most of doubts with a system of eight counterquestions;
* to engage violent people by looking at everything from their point of view;
* to see the link between the most abstract theory and the most daring practice;
* to work toward a culture of inquiry, of learning forever, growing forever, living forever, here and now.

This book is an invitation to work together towards a culture of inquiry. Andrius thus places this book in the Public Domain. He invites you to join him at He also thanks you for buying this book and supporting his work. Thank you!


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