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Growth of God's concern

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Growth in God's concern, and growth in our concern. Consider our relationships with God, and with others.

The best way to make sense of one's situation is redundancy: to be both engaged and disengaged. This is structure, the choice of God's will over our will. These are the 4 primary and 6 secondary structures that arise from general structure as the freedom of the self.

Ways of Choosing Every kind of growth in God's concern evokes a particular response from life:

Here "yes" means "to go along", "no" means "to resist".

Life is that which coexists with God, that which dances on the fringes of the All-Powerful as it unfolds. It is remarkable that Life is able to respond at all, that anything can coexist with God in any way. How can the not-at-all-powerful live alongside the All-Powerful? Only if the All-Powerful makes some room for us, opens up a crack where we can coexist independently.

How does God open up room for us, where we can live and respond independently of him? God grows! How can God grow? God grows in his concern. We think of God as having a variety of concerns:

We think of the same God in all of these different ways. God is the unity of all such ways, so for him they are all the same. But not for us! We, the not-at-all-powerful, do not find it all the same. It makes a difference to us that God concern himself more broadly. In this light we can say that God can and should grow in his concern.

While God is growing, for that fleeting moment, we have room to respond. For God is not yet what he will suddenly be. For each way that God grows, I think there is only a single way that we can genuinely independently respond in the face of his All-Powerfulness.

These are the only ways that I can maintain my independence in the face of the All-Powerful. This is a dance which the All-Powerful leads. Every way that the All-Powerful grows in concern, I have but one response by which I maintain any independence. My response is always fleeting because I have room left to choose only while God has room left to grow. My concern is to choose genuinely.

The beauty of the dance is that as we live, each of these ways presents themselves, and we are the unity of these responses, our Life is the coherence of our responses. As we live on the fringes of God, he keeps opening up these spaces for us, so that our coherence becomes ever more miraculous. My unity is a network that relates all of my responses, and so I become a locus for ever more amazing coincidences.

In the face of the All-Powerful, I have only one genuine response to whatever I find myself in. The real freedom of my life comes from responding at all, from alerting myself to every single opportunity for response that he keeps opening up. To live is to respond to these cracks in the fabric of life, to tune myself in, and to die is to tune myself out. So there is an enormous spectrum from life to death that is given by how many of these openings I alert myself to. This is what I think it is to coexist with God. My feeling is that coexistence is my proper aspiration. I keep my independence, but nothing more. So I follow God's lead everywhere. Life is coexistence with God. Moreover, only Life can coexist with God! What coheres before God is Life.

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