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Žr. Požiūriai, Požiūrių sudūrimas, Apibrėžimas

Žvilgsnis yra tiesioginis išgyvenimas. Jisai išgyvenimo lygmuo, kuriame niekas neskiria pažinovą ir pažinimo lauką, tad sutampa tiesos turinys ir išraiška. Matant tiesiogiai išgyvenama.

Žvilgsnis (View)


  • what takes us from a Frame to an immersion. In a sense, it is a map from frame to frame, and immerses us in the latter frame. In some sense, it must be frame preserving - what does that mean?
  • what immerses us into a scope, which is to say, a view is the arisal of viewing as an activity, so that the scope changes - the scope (of what was true) increases or decreases - so it is possible, for example, to have a false supposition - a supposition that was supposed true but judged false - or a new supposition - a supposition thas was not considered but now supposed. In this sense, the view is alive, it is not static. And therefore its scope is intimately related to change in scope, and together these allow for life, as in anything is everything plus slack.

Išėjimas už savęs

  • that which we go into, when we go beyond ourselves


  • the arisal of Activity from non-activity; likewise, understanding is the arisal of Structure from non-structure; in this way they are related to the operation [AddThree +3]. (In what sense do understanding and view make for a system of six perspectives?)

Asmens apimties, lauko apibrėžimas

  • a scoping of the truth
  • the Observational Plane determined by an Observer.
  • the acceptance of a Scope - the scope is that with regard to which a supposition is distinguished from others as either the same or different - and thereby a keeping separate of perspectives, the suppositions that are considered with regard to that Scope
  • a mental space as in Mapping in Thoughts and Language by Gilles Fauconnier.
  • the establishment of a scope for Suppositions. The suppositions that it scopes are its Perspectives and it thereby keeps them separate.

Asmens požiūrių atrinkimas

  • a collection of perspectives (that lead out from a supposition (its "I")).
  • the collection of perspectives that lead out from a supposition. It is what keeps them all separate. A view may be thought of as a parser or an amplifier. It is the capacity to be engaged.
  • an outlook or model.


  • the consideration of Suppositions as different (compare with Love which is the consideration of suppositions as the same)
  • the keeping separate of perspectives.
  • what keeps perspectives separate - to allow for exploration along separate tracks.

Tiesos pagrindas

  • an outlook, a model, which decides whether suppositions are true or not.


  • what preserves understanding.
  • A view preserves Love - being one with. A view may 'see', may be engaged, more or less.
  • closely related to "love" which has to do with the coinciding of perspectives.


  • what maps understanding to understanding.
  • what takes us from one understanding to another understanding.
  • A view goes from one supposition to all suppositions.
  • nulinis atvaizdis, nes žvilgsniu sutampa pažinovas ir pažinimo laukas


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