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See also: {{Spirit}}, {{Structure}}, {{Representations}}, UnityOfRepresentationsOfStructure, StartingPoint

===What is life?===

  • Life is the [ThisWiki:Good goodness] of {{God}}.
  • EternalLife is {{Understanding}} the goodness of God.
  • Life is the {{Spirit}} of {{Anything}}.
  • Life is the coinciding of God inside and outside.
  • Eternal life is the {{Distinctness}} of God inside and outside.
  • Life is given by the redundancy of the representations of Everything, which are positive constraints, and the representations of anything, which are negative constraints.


  • is that God is within us even when he is not
  • is choosing one's Self, so we must ever open ourselves until finally we choose God's will over our own will, for God loves us more than we love ourselves. And similarly with Wishing and with Everything.
  • is the absence of unity beyond system

===Life as a basic concept=== {{Andrius}} [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/livingbytruth/message/347 July 26, 2003]

I'm focusing on Life as my central concept, trying to connect all other concepts with it. This brings out for me the most basic concepts: Life, God, Good, Love, Will, Wish, Choose, and technical fundamentals like everything, anything, something, nothing, slack, unity, representation. Thinking about Good like this has helped me bring in two more concepts: Be-one-with and Scope.

What is your CentralConcept? And what other concepts ripple out from it? Andrius, http://www.ms.lt

I am pulling together various thoughts. Now I am focusing on Life as my central concept. I want to see how all the other concepts ripple out from that.

I suppose this is a turning point for me. I started twenty years ago with Everything as my starting point, my first absolute, my anchor. And that lead me to think of the divisions of everything, and then their representations, and many kinds of structure. But they all lead towards Life, which is what I've always wanted to understand. Maybe this was helpful because I got to work with absolutes, rather than try to think about life when I had no way to know or say what it truly is.

I think of Life as the fact that God is good, and technically, as the unity of the representations of anything. The latter means, for me, the coherence of anything. If we take all the ways of looking at anything, and take their unity, then we have Life. I still have a lot of work to do to clarify this, but I have found it very helpful, and it fits well with a definition of God as the unity of the representations of everything, and good as the unity of the representations of slack.

===Related concepts===

I drew out some of my recent thoughts, such as that:

  • Love is the unity of (the representations of everything)
  • Will is the unity of (the representations of anything)
  • the "representations of everything" are "what everything wishes":

(everything wishes for: nothing, something, anything, everything)

  • the "representations of anything" are "what anything chooses":

(anything chooses: to wish for nothing, something, anything, everything; to wish; to not wish)

They suggest that representation are wishes (in the context of everything) and choices (in the context of anything).

So I looked for some analogues for Good. I think we can think of the representations of slack (increasing and decreasing) as "scopes", namely, unbounded and bounded. "increasing slack" is "slack has scope unbounded" and "decreasing slack" is "slack has scope bounded".

What is the "unity of slack's scopes"? I think it is "to-be-one-with". That is a key concept that needs to be included. I think "to-be-one-with" included a sense that is both bounded and unbounded.

I think this works very well, for just as we have that: Life is that God is good, anything is everything plus slack, So we have that: Will is that to Love is to Be-one-with Choose is that to Wish is to Scope.

I'm particularly glad that this brings out the parallel between Loving and Being-one-with. They are not quite the same, but they need to be equated. And that is very much an act of will!



To be responsive is to be affected (through our {{Self}}) by what is beyond us and express that affect beyond us.

To be alive is to be {{Sensitive}} and responsive.


Hi all, I have been carefuly following the discusion of what {{Knowledge}} is,i would like to shoot a question that will either take us very far away from the answer or answer the question. Here it goes

Q.What is the definition of life that applies to all living things?

the Context i would like to look at life is,its 'shared' by a man and a bacteria,by a plant and the viruses!, i think in that defination lies the knowledge of the answer to the question what is knowledge Kindest Regard IbrahimHalkano

Jautrumas - jaudulių matmuo

See also: {{Responsive}}, {{Life}}


To be sensitive is to go beyond one's {{Self}} and be affected by that. It is to have a {{View}}.

To be alive is to be sensitive and {{Responsive}}.

{{A}}: Koks ry�ys tarp gyvybės ir mūsų santykio su tavimi? {{D}}: Esu riba kaip peilis nupjaustantis tavo ranką kol jai pakartotinai ataugus įpranti per �į bangavimą suvokti jog esi ir u� savęs.

2004.11.10 {{A}}: Kaip mes renkamės gerumą vietoj gyvenimo? {{D}}: Jūs pastebite mūsų ry�į - mūsų susikalbėjimą - i�liekantį visuose jo lygmenyse. A� jus tuo ir myliu, savo i�liekančiu vieningumu.


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